Tornado in Blagoveshchensk. Video


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Blagoveshchensk to hit a powerful tornado. Disaster victims was a man, 14 injured. When did the hurricane, three citizens went to the balcony restaurants, one of them later died of his injuries.

Another victim was in a regional hospital after he fell on a metal roof, ripped off by the vortex flow. The list can be extended with the victims, people continue to seek medical attention.

Victor Trapper, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Amur region, "Tornado flipped several cars, including trucks, knocked power lines, destroyed several stalls scattered bricks on a busy highway, the road had to be shut off. Whirlwind tore houses conditioners, they are scattered in the yards. "

According to local residents, this tornado in Blagoveshchensk never seen. On the way there is no element of electricity, in some areas there is no mobile phone and the Internet. To eliminate the effects of binge element, thrown all the forces of urban services.

More info from the city of Blagoveshchensk. Want more? There.

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31.07.11.Segodnya about 19 hours in several areas of strong wind swept Blagoveshchensk. According to witnesses, he was like a tornado.

Whirlwind was at the height of perhaps with a house. Strong wind uproots trees with roots, tore the roof off roofs, snapped power lines, flipped juggernaut. Instantly several areas of the city were de-energized.

"I was at home. Suddenly I saw in the window flying piece of foam, then more pieces, some bits and pieces, slate. When they came out, they saw that the surrounding homes posnosilo slate from roofs blown off balconies of metal construction, around the windows shattered windows. The whole street is covered with theatrical slate. Many povyhodili the street, walking around with cameras, camcorders, "- told the correspondent of IA" "one of the witnesses natural disaster.

Tornado took the whole city. Apparently, from his most affected residents of the central part of the regional center, the second edge of the funnel touched neighborhood. "The funnel was a big, black. Maybe, just with a house. It was very scary — says a resident of the second district. — Tornado swept the roof somewhere in the trading base "Grocery", knocked the glass in the windows, and went off to the side Chigir. "

Winds uprooted many trees felled poles. Thus affected vehicles. Moreover, even were felled multiton trucks. In the courtyard of a house, located at the intersection of the Amur and Kuznechnaya destroyed playground. The extent of damage is not yet accurate information, but now blagoveschentsy say that the element on the effects comparable to a hurricane in 2007.

Now in different parts of Blagoveshchensk working fire-rescue units, energy, BelTA news agency spokesperson Amur Emergency Management Raisa Kopyrin.

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