Tornado late winter-early spring can be deadly

Winter this year has stood out in the south of the United States rich in strong winds, so many Americans are relaxed, believing that the tornado season is over. However, meteorologist Julie Gaddy through online appealed to the people of the south with caution. According to Gaddy, the peak season of the year is still to come, and the devastating tornadoes to fear until the beginning of April. Despite the fact that the spring tornado generally weaker winter, they are distinguished by their perfidy.

First, they can be expected at any time, including at night, when they are hard to see. Second, spring tornadoes like to hide in the wide range of strong thunderstorms, causing them not distinguish Doppler radar. Third, under the influence of the spring tornado jets are able to move with greater speed. All this makes the deadly tornado occurrence. For more convincing meteorologist Gaddy led statistics, which shows that the greatest in the history of the U.S. tornado outbreak activity was recorded in the spring. 3 and 4 April 1974 147 vortices swept in 13 states. March 27, 1994 for one night 26 tornadoes struck the four states, which led to the death of 42 people.

Since 2008, only by the spring tornado dropped in February, March and April, the U.S. killed 90 people. Julie Gaddy urges Americans not to relax and to closely monitor weather forecasts. And verse was not long in coming. Two people were killed and over 100 were injured in the storm that hit on Monday to the states of the American South and Midwest, reports the Associated Press citing politsiyu.Veter tore roofs off houses, smashed car windows. Warning of tornadoes announced Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama.


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