Tornadoes in the United States more than 100 homes damaged, seven people were injured

Tornado, accompanied by hail and rain, damaged or destroyed more than 100 homes in Dexter in the southeast of the U.S. state of Michigan, seven residents of Kentucky received various injuries, said on Friday the U.S. media.

According to the Associated Press, in Dexter to the base destroyed 13 homes, toppled trees and damaged power lines, there are reports of fires and floods. At the moment of loss of life were reported.

"By entering into every house, I thought I'd see lying man — dead or injured. But, knock on wood, everything was in order," — said Deputy Sheriff Ray Yee (Ray Yee).

As darkness fell, police blocked the road in Dexter, one of the schools organize a shelter for people who lost their homes, their plans to provide food and necessary medical and psychological help.

At the same time, the broadcaster CNN reported on the seven victims of the partial collapse of the roof of the building of Tru-Seal Manufacturing in Kentucky.

Due to bad weather in the building was broken water system, which, combined with heavy rain led to the partial collapse of the roof. Victims received medical attention.

According meteoportala, in both states continued to operate a storm warning.

In early March, Kentucky has been the disaster. Then as a result of the storm and tornado cyclone various injuries to about 300 people. Thousands of homes were left without power — in most U.S. cities outside electrical wires that are torn by strong gusts of wind.

In 2011, the victims of the tornadoes in the U.S. were about 545 people, which was the highest since 1936.


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