Trains in the new Moscow

The authorities in Moscow are going to be established in the "new Moscow" rail, which will soon be launched high-speed trains, accelerates to 160 km / h

In the future, that the movement of trains will run at intervals of six to seven minutes, without interfering with the movement of other trains. Appropriate agreement on the construction of railway lines signed by Moscow railway. According to the "new Moscow" soon it will be convenient to travel, as well as to go on tour to the Czech Republic, England, or another favorite country.

Of course, the general scheme of a lot of time will be subject to changes in the process of construction, a lot depends on the scheme of built-up "new Moscow". Rough estimate of the project 330 billion rubles.

"Suburban trains in no way be inferior to such transport, as the subway: you need to enter one with the city subway travel document, to organize the movement of trains with an interval of ten minutes, and during rush hour — not to exceed five, enter the security on platforms to provide easy transport to stations "- co-chairman of the association" The city and transport "Alexander Morozov.

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