Treasures warlock

December 24, 2011 19:51

Treasures warlock

Associate of Peter I count James Bruce — one of the most mysterious figures in Russian history. He was fond of magic, astrology and alchemy, for which he was known as black magic. Bruce drew his knowledge of ancient books, among which were the ancient Russian manuscripts, and works of Western astrologers and occultists. However, after his death, an extensive library disappeared. To find it and could not …

Magician and astrologer

Jacob Villimovich Bruce descended from Scottish kings. His father in 1647, moved to Russia, where he served in the Army and was promoted to colonel. Jacob, too, chose a military career — took part in the campaigns of Peter, commanded the artillery and the age of 35 had already rank of marshal.
Bruce was teaching Peter to navigate through the sky to predict solar eclipses. Never without a telescope and books, took them with him, even to war. At night looking at the stars, and figured something was drawing. About him were legends one another surprising.
It was said that he knew the secret of living and dead water in the house he has a doll that walks and talks like a living, that somewhere in the overseas territories was brought to him for the service dragon, but for something angry, boss Raptor turned to stone, that due to its charms two-headed eagle on the steeple tower can see into the future …
The tradition of the living and dead water is closely linked with the death count. People said if Bruce told his servant-Turk himself with a sword cut into four pieces, buried in the garden, and three days and three nights of water potion bottles, and on the fourth day to dig out. He obeyed.
But on the third day Bruce think you need the king. They could not find, and then Peter called to him that same servant. Turks rushed to the Emperor's feet and confessed. Went into the garden, dug a pit. And oh miracle! Body grow together, sorcerer lay sleepily living and breathing. But Peter declared that "it is unclean," Bruce told the newly cut and buried in the grave.
As for the legend of the dragon, the park count's estate Glinka (now — Monino in Shchelkovo suburbs) really was a stone sculpture of the animal is covered with scales. In fairy tales, dead water turns living flesh to stone.
How could prophesy the future of the "vicious" Bruce headed eagle? According to tradition, on the eve of the war with Napoleon saw between legs tangled bird hawk. Whether this is not an omen of the Russian victory over the French army?
But the true glory of the sorcerer brought the famous "Bruce calendar", the first edition of which was engraved on copper plates in 1709. Designed for a hundred years, it is, however, contained a calculation allows to make projections up to 2000.
Calendar includes astrological predictions over the years and the zodiac, weather forecasts and various events, as well as practical advice on every day. Many of the prophecies Bryusovi hit complete with today's realities.
Just one example: in 1992 in the calendar predicted:
"The common people will suffer a lot from that, all the food to be expensive, with lucre are those koi keep him until the winter to sell."
Let us remember that it was in 1992, in our country entered the market price and the majority of the population were below the poverty line …
The elder of the Sukharev
After Sretenka near the present station "Sukharevskaya" once stood guard Sukharev Tower. In the XVI century, there was a border town, began on Trinity Road. The tower was built of wood at first, and later, under Peter I, made of stone. Italian architect designed it. There and put his colleague Peter, the famous "magician."
In the upper tier of the tower, Bruce gave the observatory, where, as stated in the legend of Moscow, at night, let 'iron birds with human heads, "and, besides, he turned around raven flew over Moscow. In the basement is located a laboratory where he did experiments in alchemy and where he kept the "Black Book", supposedly written by Satan himself. According to rumors, it can help to be open all locks and look for any treasure.
Before his death, Bruce allegedly immured her in the wall of the tower. Other books, as well as a unique laboratory equipment, astronomical instruments completely gone. In 1934, the Sukharev Tower decided to demolish. Somehow, it did not explode, but was dismantled brick by brick. It was said that you were looking for the "Black Book", but did not find her.
Now seem to want to restore again Sukharev Tower as a monument of architecture. However, this is always something interferes. Maybe otherworldly forces? Sometimes in the doorways Sretenka see strange skinny old man in old-fashioned clothes and powdered wig. This though is James Bruce left without shelter …
Damn clock on Spartacus
House number 2 on the current Spartacus Street near metro "Bauman" was in the past known as the "House on Razgulyai." And today you can see on the facade remains of a sundial, which are associated with lurid tales.
Here, in the house on the corner and Yelokhovskaya Dobroslobodskogo lane once he supposedly lived Bruce. Here, in Razgulyai, and he supposedly gave up the ghost …
But this is only a legend. In fact, the house built in the XVIII century Count Musin-Pushkin, a relative who was married to the great-niece of Bruce. That's the whole relationship.
However, there is another legend. Like, Bruce made the warlock commissioned Musin-Pushkin's fairy clock that predicted future events and indicate where to find the treasure. But as long as the order, the count had died, and his heirs refused to pay a sorcerer for crafts.
And as if an angry Bruce said:
"Let this clock be damned, and let them just bad show!"
And custom. On the eve of the Revolution, the First and Second World Wars, the stone of construction of the hour board is the blood-red. And sometimes on the surface of the board comes through image of a white cross on a black coffin. In this case, the tip of the cross indicates where to find the treasure. That's just the ones who found the treasure on the "Bryusov pointer", soon died a horrible death …
Indeed, on the facade of the building between the windows of the second floor is still preserved board, resembling a coffin. Once on it were broken outlines of the cross, the names of months of the year, some figures, astrological symbols, and in the middle of the board is inserted rod.
In the 20's of last century, members of the public "Old Moscow" undertook a study of the mysterious board. They found that it is a "perpetual" solar calendar, arranged on the principle of the sundial. But whether it has related to Bruce?
According to authoritative historical sources, the sundial placed on the facade of the house tutor children Musin-Pushkin Syuryug abbot. It was a very intelligent and educated man, the author of books on history, mythology and French literature.
As recalled granddaughter of Count Musin-Pushkin Princess Sophia Meshcherskaya the clock found on Razgulay crowds began to flock to the people — to admire the unbelievable curiosity in Moscow, and at noon watchmakers came here from all over the city — check the exact time.
Now the building is located on the Spartacus one of the buildings of the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering. Rumor has it that somewhere in the proverbial board with clock has a secret room, where hidden magical book of James Bruce — still "Warlock" is involved!
There is evidence that in Soviet times among students and teachers, as well as local residents dramatically increased the number of mental illness and suicide. Then the authorities ordered skolot strange signs on the board and its very paint …
A hypothesis that shortly before his death James Bruce hid his magical treasures — books, utensils and other alchemical esoteric accessories — underground own estate Glinka.
With dowsing able to identify: a really laid the foundation of the house network of tunnels. They connect between themselves underground chamber where biolokatory recorded accumulation of objects made of metal, wood and glass. Sometimes the frame operator starts spinning wildly in a certain area.
Psychics claim that these anomalies are associated with the energy barriers is: apparently, Bruce does not want his legacy passed into other hands — who knows how to dispose of them to people?

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