Tremors in Tuva exceeded 5 points

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12:41 26/09/2011

Kizil, September 26 — RIA Novosti, Ivan Afanasyev. The strength of aftershocks, which were felt in Tuva on Sunday evening, in the midst of more than 5 points, according to the regional government.

According to the report referring to the chairman of the committee of emergency Tuva Vitaly Bartin-Gardens, the magnitude of the epicenter, which was located in the village of Aldy-Shynaa Ulug-Khem district, has reached 5.03.

MES earlier reported that the intensity of the earthquake at the epicenter was 3.2 points.

Tremors felt in 10 settlements, including in Kyzyl. Victims and victims.

According to the government, pushing force of about 3 points were recorded in Kyzyl, which is located 120 kilometers from the epicenter.

The report takdzhe notes that the earthquake will examine interdepartmental committee.

"Interagency working groups organized the work on the effects of the earthquake in settlements Ulug-Khem, Dzun-Khemchik, Chediholskogo areas of the country, as well as cities and Kyzyl Shagonar," — said in a statement.


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