Tremors. What power and where the earthquake struck, which is felt in Ulan-Ude?


2.02.11.V seven locations Buryatia and even in Ulan-Ude on the eve of the residents felt the tremors. Seismic event lasted only a few minutes, but the population has caused fright and different opinions.

— Natalia Razumov, a resident of house number 76a on ul.Zherdeva: We had such a shock, fifth floor. All flew, you could say. The husband jumped, managed to keep this wall.
— Anastasia Oleynikov, a resident of house number 76a on the street. Zherdev: People stand at the bottom of the documents and are afraid to go home. Because the high-rise building in the first place. Second, the wall is still not practical. Shaking badly.

— Sergei Polomoshnov, a resident of house number 78 and on the street. Zherdev: Very cracked frame, natural crunch was right. And just after a while everything started to go to the apartment — a table, a sofa. And it became so much to move, I think, a dream or something, I'm dreaming. It was very scary too.

However, everything that happens in the evening on February 1 residents of flats not dreaming. According to concerned, new shaking came somewhere at five minutes to nine. But the feelings of citizens, official data do not match.

— Tatiana Gulgenova, Head of information, propaganda, public relations EMERCOM Russia's Buryatia Official information that in Ulan-Ude seismic event occurred, it is not.

But almost 250 kilometers from the capital — Bichursky area — just the epicenter of the seismic event was recorded. It was there that shook with the force of 6.7 is ten points and the full 12-point scale. We managed to contact some residents in these areas.

— Love Slepneva, resident Bichura paragraph: Strong aftershocks, shook everything. I jumped up, ran out into the street, many took to the streets.

— Nina Rusin, a resident of the district Tarbagatajsky: We sat with her husband, watching TV. First there was a noise, a rumble. We will look at each other: the aircraft — not the plane, the car — not a machine. Is: y-y-y. We were frightened, my husband cried, earthquake!

Loss of life and did not cause an earthquake. But on force pushes it can be compared with the summer of seismic events of 2008. Only if the epicenter was close to the lake. Immediately went to different arguments and a comparison of the earthquake. Many still remember the tragedy in Sichuan province, which claimed many lives.
— Tsyrenov Tuban, Fellow of the Geological Institute Russian Academy of Sciences: That integrates with the Sichuan earthquake? It is, indeed, an earthquake of the same nature. Suppose if in Kamchatka, the Kuril Islands is a movement between lithospheric plates, there is intraplate earthquakes.

And despite the fact that the earthquake — an unpredictable phenomenon, to determine its beginning is still possible. As they say, the household signs.
— Herald Chebakov, Researcher Geological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Precursors of many of them, about 11. This includes the behavior of animals, the water level in wells, wells.

But you can protect yourself, even if you miss these signs?

Today, we asked about this ordinary passers-by and compared with the opinion of the expert.

— Should probably hide in any shelter in the doorway or under a desk.

— I was just at her grandson, on the 7th floor they live, feel very strongly. We stood in the doorway.

— Collect the documents necessary things and go outside.

— We have learned at school when I know I need to get between the deck and the window in the frame, and all …

— Tatiana Gulgenova, Head of information, propaganda, public relations EMERCOM Russia's Buryatia Can not in any way to panic, really fast to get out of the room. Should not go down in the elevator and stairs. If you were close to the kids, cover them yourself.

Well, if these tips do not need them. But as the frequency of earthquakes occurring in Buryatia, to treat such phenomena with particular attention to not only the usual residents. Seismology as a science in the country does not receive the necessary development and resources. And so set the start of the next shock and did not seem possible.

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For information about the earthquake in the Trans-Baikal region in the MOE deny

2.02.11.Kak said Defence Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Irkutsk region, in the Republic of Buryatia quake occurred. The epicenter was recorded in twelve and a half miles south of the village Bichura intensity quake was 6.7 points.

In this zone were seven villages and Bichursky Kyahtinsky areas. It is reported that the victims and destructions. According to some reports, tremors were felt in the area Krasnochikoisky Zabayklskogo edge. This was reported by local residents.

However, the information about the earthquake in our region is not confirmed in the main emergency department and Chita weather center.

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