Tsingy de Bemaraha — mineral forest of Madagascar

Madagascar became known to all after the same cartoon. Of course, the real southern resort is very different from the drawn on the screen, but the match is still present. For example, this island is a little reminiscent of the reality to which we are all accustomed to.

You seem to get on another planet. This is a concrete jungle with unusual plants that only nature could create. No computer technology, and numerous industrial production will not be able to create such monstrous bewitching tall trees.

It's about the nature reserve "scurvy de Bemaraha" only, perhaps, because of which would be worth to go on tour to Madagascar. In the local dialect the name of this park can be translated as a place where there is no place to put the foot, and a place where it is not necessary to go barefoot. Stunningly precise definition. There are no ordinary trees, instead of the usual pine, birch trees and the traveler will see the limestone pillars that reach and fifty meters in height!

Sometimes it seems that it is not a forest, and some underwater kingdom and reefs. From a few minutes the water was gone, showing the seabed. Maybe it was true, only a few minutes dragged on for many millennia. Between stone trees sometimes viewed and genuine.

They are few, and they also look very peculiar. Their trunks are very thin and oddly curved, because of this, "scurvy de Bemaraha" seems quite space. Unusual flora and local fauna matches.

Between the trunks worn stone sifaka, white lemurs, chameleons armored, black parrots and iguanas, which can be found only in Madagascar.



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