Twelve fires continue to operate in Siberia

MOSCOW, September 11 — RIA Novosti. Twelve forest fires on an area of 550.3 hectares remain active in Siberia, the five islands of fire have been eliminated over the past day, said on Sunday the press center of the Siberian regional center of Russian Emergencies Ministry.

"Tenth day of September in the detection (during daylight hours) was eliminated five seats on the area 4.72 acres, one localized fire in the area of 15 hectares," — said the agency.

In the elimination of existing fires were employed 383 people and 49 vehicles. In just the past day for the elimination of forest fires was involved 841 people and 232 pieces of equipment.

Employees "Avialesookhrana" within days aviapatrulirovanie performed 10 times.

According to MOE, to limit access to the forests and monitor the situation put 710 security posts.

To control the forest fire situation in the districts of burning 164 seats intended operational groups.


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