Two orphaned bear cub settled in the safari park in Primorye

Safari park in Primorye Shkotovsky area, inhabited mostly young animals, added two Himalayan cubs, which brought on the basis of local recreation workers, told RIA Novosti park director Dmitry Mezentsev.

"The two little cubs, which was named Misha and Bead brought tourists. Bears lived in a recreation center in a nearby guerrilla zone, close to the coastal village of Wrangell," — told the agency.

According to him, the tiny cubs found in the forest by local residents. Most likely, their mother was killed by poachers. Helpless animals could be killed in the forest, so they were brought to the local recreation center, where they are released.

"When the cubs grew and became strong, began to rob, to organize riots, so the recreation staff decided to refer them to specialists in the safari park", — he said.

He noted that the club foot, which is about five months, living in a cage next to the other foundlings. Little clumsy fed porridge and milk.

"Neighbors of the Himalayan bears are wild cats, foxes, badgers, raccoon and raccoon dog. They treated the newcomers very friendly," — he said.

Since the autumn of 2006 in Primorye a restriction of hunting Himalayan bear lair by reducing the number of young orphans. Primorye Safari Park takes on bear cubs nursing foundlings is not the first time. Prior to that, the park has brought little clumsy, which remained without a mother.

Black bear — mammals of prey. Lives in the hill-and mountain forests, from Iran to Korea and Japan. In the north area captures northeast China (Manchuria) and the Maritime and Khabarovsk Krai in Russia, and in the south comes to North Vietnam and Hainan Island and Taiwan.

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