U.S. again attacked the giant African snail




U.S. health officials have seized several schools in Wisconsin dangerous pests — the giant African land snail (Giant African Land Snails). Initiated a search for these creatures on a national scale.

Snails, the content of which in the United States found to be unlawful, were used as a guide ignorant about the dangers of teachers.

Meanwhile, African slugs reproduce very quickly, destroying about 500 species of plants and can transmit meningitis.

In 1966, a boy from Miami smuggling has delivered to America three giant African snails, and his grandmother eventually released them into the garden.

After seven years in the U.S., there were already more than 18,000 pests, and on their destruction took 10 years.

Authorities remind Americans: the content of the snails is punishable by a fine up to one thousand dollars, and the ignorance of the ban, not an excuse.


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