U.S. archaeologists found a frigate Henry Morgan




Archaeologists have found a frigate of the legendary pirate Henry Morgan. "Oxford" has been the flagship of the fleet, which terrifies the caravans in the Caribbean.

Three-decker sank during a pirate festival: suddenly exploded the powder magazine. Killed 350 people — the whole team, except for the captain. After that, not only as "immortal" Henry Morgan, and did not call.

Until now it was thought that it was on "Oxford" kept the stolen Spanish gold. Frigate dreamed of finding all the treasure, but found it quite by accident off the coast of Hawaii.

It turns out that fragments of more than three centuries, lay at a depth of 20 meters. Surprise scientists pleased and disappointed: gold among the fragments of the vessel has not been found. It is possible that the treasure of Henry Morgan hid somewhere else.

Battery News, 04.05.2004 12:01
Source: Rodrobnosti

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