U.S. giant meteorite 250 million years ago wiped out life on Earth




250000000 ago a giant meteorite, the diameter of which could be up to 11 km, was the cause of the "Great Extinction" — the disappearance of most of the species of plants and animals on Earth.

To such conclusion the American archaeologists surveying Bedout ancient giant crater in the north-west of Australia.

The first evidence of the existence of the crater, which is located 160 kilometers off the northwest coast of Australia, have been found a small Australian company, where she spent the geological survey in 1970, informs CNN.

The fact that the crater is very ancient, has long been known. The specialists of the current archaeological expedition made another important discovery. Their studies confirmed that the crater was formed as a result of external influences, not formed as a result of seismic activity of the earth's surface.

Analyses of soil, taken in the crater showed that the planet itself could not create such materials — pure quartz glass, and — as a result of natural geological processes. They could only arise as a result of strong collision with a foreign body, in which stood a giant energy.

According to experts, our planet for its long history of large meteorites falling regularly. Over the past 600 million years, the earth fell 60 meteorites whose diameter is not less than 5 km.

Each meteorite in the fall caused serious disasters on our planet, the climate changed somewhat. In some versions, it was as a result of such a disaster that occurred 65 million years ago, dinosaurs became extinct.

Battery News, 14/05/2004 16:42
Source: NEWSru.com

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