U.S. paid $ 100 thousand Philippines compensation for damaged reef

U.S. authorities have pledged to pay the Philippines 100,000 dollars in compensation for the destruction of the coral reef, which in January hit American minesweeper, reports Xinhua.

USS Guardian in January, ran aground in the waters of the Philippine National Marine Park "Tubbataha" than did serious damage to coral reef on the list of World Heritage Sites. According to an assessment conducted by experts of the park, the ship damaged more than four thousand square meters of coral.

"U.S. Agency for International Development will transfer 100 thousand dollars for the program to support the Coral Triangle (CTSP) University of the Philippines to study coral sea park" Tubbataha "- are reported statement by the U.S. Embassy in the Republic of the Philippines.

The report said that the funds will go toward the development of technical recovery plan corals. In addition, the U.S. government plans to implement a number of programs that will help restore the damaged reef and provide protection of marine resources Philippines.

In 2005, the international environmental organization Greenpeace International was fined 7000 dollars after its flagship damaged reefs in the same area.

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