U.S. satellites show that the climate is changing




For years, scientists have climatologists can not give a clear explanation of these apparent discrepancies about global warming: in the lower atmosphere temperature rises more slowly than predicted by the model, compared to how warm the surface. This discrepancy was the central argument of skeptics about global warming. According to a new study, it is possible to explain — the interaction of the ionosphere and located above the stratosphere.

A team of scientists from the University of Washington and the National Administration National Oceanic and Atmospheric United States analyzed the microwave radiation in the atmosphere. Data were collected in 1979-2001 years. polar orbiting satellites. These data can be used to calculate the temperature in the different layers of the atmosphere. Research has shown that stratospheric cooling — known effect of greenhouse gases — just compensates for the difference between the temperature changes on the ground and in the ionosphere. A team led by Qian Fu defined scale cooling from the data on which the statistical analysis was performed. Were detected temperature trends consistent with warming at the surface and the predictions of climate models.

Battery News, 07/05/2004 13:07
Source: NTR.ru

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