U.S. scientists: The Valentine's Day in 2013 the majority of mankind will perish

Valentine's Day 2013 will be lost most of Humanity due to the tilt of the Earth, said scientists

American scientists have assigned a new "doomsday" on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2013.

It is assumed that Valentine's Day is marred by the death of humanity, or most of it through the tilt of the planet.

According to scientists, this will cause numerous earthquakes and huge tsunamis worldwide.

On the appointed day the Earth will pass between the planet Nibiru (also called the planet of the devil) and the Sun, which will lead to a shift in the magnetic poles and, consequently, to a change in the slope of the planet.

According to scientists, who have decided to do the calculations of the next apocalypse, Nibiru will be removed from our planet after July 1, 2014, and up to this point the Earth waiting ongoing disasters.

Note Nibiru — is a mythical planet that travels through the solar system. Some "researchers" claim that a celestial body described in the Sumerian texts as the 12th planet from the Sun, and its graphic symbol occurs in cultures of other peoples of the ancient East.

According to the myth planet moves in an elongated orbit and appears between Mars and Jupiter every 3600 years. The definition of scientific papers on the subject does not exist in the field of Sumerologist or in astronomy.

The first search for a hypothetical planet began in the late XVIII century, after the discovery of Uranus. Since then discovered Neptune and Pluto, but still alive belief in the existence of another world, inaccessible to the human eye.

Planet Earth and its inhabitants may not survive the February 14, 2013. The fact is that on February 14, 2013 appointed the next end of the world. At the end of December 2012 (at the time appointed the end of the world, according to the Maya) will fly past Earth wandering planet Nibiru, which travels through the solar system. Nibiru was never seen, but now scientists say that at the end of 2012 finally brought before the planet earthlings. End of the world happens because of the shift of the magnetic poles.

The inhabitants of the planet Earthpredicted a new end of the world — it must come December 14, 2013. In mid-February 2013 the Earth will pass between the sun and the mythical planet Nibiru. Because of the location of land next to a wandering planet of the solar system Nibiru humans awaits a change of the magnetic poles, according to "Neutral."

Nibiru— Is a mythical wandering planet in the solar system, which no one saw, but which many have stated. In particular, in 1983, some of the planet, scientists said Thomas Van Flanderns and Richard Harrington, who were known only by their statements about the planet Nibiru.

But, despite the mythicalNibiru, you ought to think: what if a wandering planet in the solar system really exists? Scientists say that the planet Nibiru can be seen on December 21, 2012: she will appear before the northern hemisphere. On 21 December, by the way, the Mayan calendar ends.

February 14, 2013, when the earth comes between Nibiru and the sun can occur displacement of the magnetic poles. Because of the "switching" of the magnetic poles, in turn, could disappear magnetosphere. After the disappearance of the magnetic field of the Earth planet attack cosmic rays, and then there is nothing left. However, the planet Nibiru yet no one saw.

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