U.S. women choose men who look like their fathers




Studies show that women are their fathers template on which they are looking for a partner. This process scientists call "sexual imprinting."

It has long been observed that husbands and wives are similar to each other, and the like is observed in different animal species. Partners who are similar to each other are likely to have common genes, and some degree of similarity is considered an advantage, wrote Wednesday in the journal New Scientist.

This is to some extent may explain the results of the study, said Glenn Weisfeld, one of the scientists. "For the animal is favorable choice of partner, similar to him in respect of the genetic," — he said in an interview with the magazine New Scientist.

"It is possible that the offspring of such partners remains a random combination of genes — he says. — The people in these cases, lower the percentage of abortions."

The most important thing here — to strike a balance between the benefits of crossbreeding between genetically related individuals and dangers of incest.

Newborn ducklings

Imprinting — a form of quick instinctive learning. The most famous of his manifestation, is when a newborn duckling binds to the first he had seen the object.

In order to examine whether the mechanism of imprinting effect when a woman is looking for a partner that looks like his father, the researchers brought 26 families with adopted children. They studied the degree of similarity between different members of the family. Families with adopted children were chosen in order to exclude the possibility of genetic inheritance preferences.

Were interviewed nearly 250 students who were asked to rate the degree of similarity between the people being documented several series of photos.

The first series — photo of a woman and pictures of four men, one of whom is her husband.

Second — Photo adoptive father in an age when his stepdaughter was from two to eight years, and pictures of possible husbands.

Third — photos adoptive mother and the four men of her daughter.

Students correctly detected couples in more cases than would be possible with a simple coincidence. But the strong similarities observed between the adoptive father and husband.

By chance the test could give the right answers in a quarter of cases, but the photos of adoptive fathers and husbands, they were able to combine correctly in 38% of cases. Between the foster mother and her husband is no similarity has been established.

Emotional warmth

The surprise, according to Weisfeld, was that those fathers who have shown their daughters more emotional warmth, more often found themselves like their in-law.

"Our results confirm the influence of children's attachment to the preferences in the choice of partners" — read the conclusion of researchers. They suggested that a child creates "mental model" appearance future partner.

However Vaysfel'd notes that people's decisions about the choice of partners taken on the basis of the complex biological and social factors. For example, some studies show that the choice of a partner can affect the smell.

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