UFO appeared near the ISS — The Voice of Russia

January 17, 2013 7:36

From the first day in 2013 a lot of UFO was seen in the space next to the International Space Station (ISS), only a few hundred kilometers above the Earth. NASA camera installed on the ISS, recorded unidentified objects of various shapes that are either slow flying or rapidly rising into space. The video is available on Youtube.

UFO appeared near the ISS - The Voice of Russia

UFO appeared near the ISS — The Voice of Russia

User video hosting Streetcap1 posted two video, which clearly seen various unidentified objects of silver, were slowly moving over the surface of the Earth. Two other unidentified objects of different shapes, one round and one — a disc-shaped, were recorded close to the International Space Station on New Year's night.

James Oberg, an American space expert channel NBC News, former engineer of NASA, has denied rumors that the objects seen near the ISS, extraterrestrial. It is speculated that these objects could be space debris.

"No wonder that even after fifty years, the majority of those who watch these videos on Youtube, still are confused on what not to succumb to the explanation and understanding," — said the expert.

Although Albergo denies possible extraterrestrial origin of objects, seen near the ISS, he calls all look like the video because it will help

time to notice all kinds of anomalies, such as equipment failures or unexpected threat from space.

Catherine Shmeleva

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