UFO caused a serious discussion among Iranian scientists




Unidentified flying object that appears in the evening in different cities of Iran, has caused serious discussion among Iranian scientists and experts.

Residents of Iran's claim that they had seen a UFO for several days in the evening. The abnormal phenomenon was observed in several cities and towns in the west and north-west of the country.

According to eyewitnesses, the UFO has great speed and agility and the ability to change glow color from red to blue. One of the Iranian Internet sites even showed live coverage of UFOs flying in the Iranian sky on April 28.

Meanwhile, radar service for civil and military airports are not fixed in the sky no violations of the airspace of the Islamic Republic.

This fact has been the subject of considerable debate among academics and specialists in various fields. Meteorologists say that people observe anomalous atmospheric phenomena. For its part, the astrologers say about the movements of celestial bodies or asteroids.

As Professor of Tehran University, Ahmad Kiyani, "it most likely atmospheric phenomena caused by the weather conditions."

Forecasts of some experts that the UFO in the near future should appear over the Iranian capital, are not justified.


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