UFO in Ukraine

January 31, 2012 14:49

Information about UFOs, which were sent to the club Ukrainians, ufologists systematized and displayed on the map. It places were observed anomalies are indicated by a plateau.

Photos for January 2012. UFO over the monument to soldiers-liberators in Lugansk

Starting from the 17th century, about 500 Collected eyewitness who saw a UFO over the Ukraine. Also in the archive of UFO visits included KGB secrets, the SBU, meteorologist, reports in the media.

According to the map, Luhansk region UFO visited 19 times. In two cases (02 April 1990 and in January 1983) there has been encounters of the third kind.
Encounters of the third kind — witness meets a strange creature near the UFO, with a communicative contact no one enters.
In January 1983, the TEC was recorded in the village of Metalist, located near Lugansk:
"In 11 years, another squandered lessons and went fishing for the day. The distance to the pond about 10 miles and the pond is in farm fields in the country (by metacards Stukalova beam, near the village of Metalist). Morning bite was not, and in the afternoon a terrible storm broke out (many trees were broken), a heavy downpour. We waited out the rain (next to the pond was a concrete house) and went home as she bite zero and the stamp to go almost 2 hours. Go, and then one says, look, Grandma "grass tweaks" and laughs. I look like something babuleobraznoe sits and looks at his heels, the distance was 30 meters up to "Grandma." Come closer, and "granny" on us no attention. Sanya, my friend, is not appeased and teasing "granny" — like an old, they say, not only blind, but also a shameless (5 meters), (Note that all was going on a country dirt road between the 2 fields, and to tracks (runs parallel fields) about 3 km — Wilderness). And then the voice of Sanka, "granny" turns his head (in slow motion), is that the sitting was dressed in a black robe (like hooded monks Jesuits), and from under the hood, looked at us two huge eyes! (Time was about 17-18 hours), and suddenly "babulentsiya" abruptly turns around and gives a tear. I must say, we were very surprised movements of the creature. It slides on the muddy road as on the ice, and the speed was decent. The two of us could not catch up, to see what it is or who it is! Meanwhile, the "granny" turned to the west (because it was sunset, and "she" moved towards the sun, and the sun blinding us not allowing to see where all the same "Grandma" is running. Finally we both got lost breath (well, muddy After running the road) and we stayed in, but then there was even more interesting event — the "sun" in the light, which was running "Grandma" suddenly off the ground and immediately took off almost vertically upwards. Here we saw the sun in the west now.
Stand two and can not understand what it was. We decided to go to the place where the "granny" digging see if we find that interesting. Did find traces of …, and not very common. Must have seen the chemical protection suit and you know what chemical shoe covers (if not, it is made of rubberized fabric boots with soles like a wonderful galoshes), so here is a foot trail was like a pattern, but on the track attended fingerprints feet (barefoot running away? ). And the place where taken off the "sun", was warm and smelled of ozone around.
We attempted to separate the wet piece of land with the following to show your friends, but alas, it was told not home … the earth was dry and just split in our hands.
Growth of the "granny" of 120-140 cm, ammonia smell, eyes wide, as if with an orange glow, mouth could not see, as well, and the whole face, too. The size of your feet, or even 40 -38, in general, to be placed almost 2 lengths of our feet. Toes foot long human three times (we put a slap his trail nearby) have sort of claws (?).

"The Sun" had a size of about 10 meters and was a bright orange hemisphere, with a cut at the bottom (as well as the sun sets over the horizon). Takeoff screamed. Left behind the warm earth and the smell of ozone. The following provisions of
ears in a field not found. The strange thing is that while we are being chased, there was no fear (even more so in the hands of each was on a makeshift fishing pole as drin and line). Fear came when I saw the traces. "
April 2, 1990 at 1.40 chief doctor Lugansk city hospital 8th A.S.Pavlenko was on waste ground in the quarter named Kropivnitskogo. Suddenly, in front of about 250 meters from the place he had a yaytsepodobnoy form, luminous and iridescent blue light:
— It was the size of construction trailer, regular shape, hung very low to the ground. Of cosmic "egg" out 2 "man" (physique, proportions, like humans), somewhere under 3 feet tall. Look at me and slowly walked around his camera and disappeared in it. After that, if the UFO disappeared into thin air — said an eyewitness.
The most recent UFO reports dated 7th January 2012. Anonymous sent a photo taken about 16.30 in Lugansk. Unidentified flying object appeared on the monument to the soldiers WWII ("Monument to soldiers-liberators" Defense is the street, near the bus station) on the background of the moon.

— When finished viewing the photo display digital camera, I noticed a black spot on the obscure background of the lunar disc, while the object with the naked eye could not see. Copying the photo and enlarging it on your PC, a black dot turned into explicit UFO — wrote anonymous.

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