UFO over Kirzhach. Video


7.10.11.Zhiteli Kirzhach region periodically see .. UFOs. For example, the assurances of the witnesses, unusual lights can be seen on the so-called "Gagarin's forest." This is where the world's first crashed astronaut. About unidentified flying objects, and versions of the death of Yuri Gagarin, Valentina Ivakina material.

VALENTINE Ivakin, correspondent:
What happened on this forest in 1968 — is still a mystery. During this time, dozens of suggestions have been put forward — what exactly could cause a crash, "Gagarin's MiG." But recently in the media more often featured the option that before, because of its absurdity, simply rejected.

Here and there, a glimpse version — Gagarin encountered a UFO. The most common scenario is as follows: in the air, the plane suddenly came across a white light spot. Trying to avoid, blinded, Yuri went down. Maybe it would cost, only the height sensor disappoint — for some reason shows the value of twice the actual. As a result, Gagarin MIG at full speed of 1100 kilometers per hour entered Kirzhachskiy ground.

Well, in the village heard that a very loud explosion. Blow was very strong.

According to local residents, is still in the woods you can stumble upon the remains of bodies of pilots. However, the sky is watching more than his feet. Even those who do not believe in the version of the aliens.

VLADIMIR rips, superintendent MEMORIAL Gagarin:
That's watching. At night, a fireman, so to speak. What can — no, nothing unusual.

In the nearby village of Novoselovo forests probably there was not a piece of land, which would not set foot Maxim Kozhenova. The last ten years, he is committed to tracking down and watching what he thinks is an alien spaceship. It all began 10 years ago. Sitting on the roof of the barn boy saw in the sky unusual glow. The lights were to land somewhere in the "Gagarin" field. Without hesitation Max ran into the woods.

Maxime KOZHENOV, a lover of ufology:
Ran over there, and had seen a bright glow. But the glow was know what — there is no such light here on earth, there's no such light. 10-15 minutes it was, and then it somehow disappeared.

In the morning the young ufologist again to the forest — in search of the landing site.

Maxime KOZHENOV, a lover of ufology:
There were actually shape, I found a clearing. The grass was trampled.

If we believe Maxim, strange lights in these parts can be seen often. Therefore, the assumption that the cause of death was Gagarin became UFO — it does not seem so absurd.
By the way, this month on Kirzhachskiy land promised to come back to check the organization's representatives "Kosmopoisk." They are engaged in, that is interesting, collection of evidence of the existence of UFOs.

Source: WORLD TV broadcaster "- Vladimir

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