UFO over Natuhaevkoy


20.03.11Ogromnoe white cloud geometrically regular shape, suddenly appeared in the spring sky is clear, first noticed a Cossack chieftain Anatoly Reshetnyak, the military has managed to alert the speed of the Paranormal all Natuhaevku.

The villagers took their head of who is behind the camera, well, some, rooted in years of habit, rushed to call the administration — even, say, the head of the air itself is dealing with ugliness.

— Initially come from somewhere crows, circling flock — says Reshetnyak. — Then, abruptly departed, and from nowhere appeared a large circular cloud, on the edge of which was a clear bright band.

— Yes, it was a miracle! — Excitedly tells stanichnitsa Dorokhova Tatiana, who had hurry up and take a picture of "wonders in heaven." — You look at the light and joy in my heart some extraordinary feel and surprising ease.

Inexplicable glow that lasted for ten minutes, and visible from everywhere, though, and has created many versions, from "UFO flying" to "new aircraft experienced", not split the village in two. Most observers in the supernatural origin of nowhere who took in the middle of (and this was the third one in the afternoon), luminous cloud no doubt so far.

After all, the white light, resembling a halo, appeared not just anywhere, but on the worship the cross, which natuhaevskie Cossacks established four years ago on Mount Shah in memory of the victims and shot villagers. Forty little Cossacks led by Ataman literally dragged himself up the hill one and a half a six-meter stainless steel cross. Now the villagers are convinced that the cross holds Natuhaevku from harm, and called for its protection. After all, the place where it is installed, covered with legends.

— It is said that two thousand years ago in this very place was already a cross guard and is said to have established his own Andrew — says Reshetnyak, who found in the city archives mention of the fact that on this mountain in ancient times really stood a stone cross .

The villagers also unanimously claim that as long as the cross found again, life went smoothly — even accidents on the road passing near died. Some people even say that miracles are happening near the cross, saying that sometimes, in the evening light it unusual light, and on the baptism and does flames.

Tatiana Syusyuska, head natuhaevskogo rural district, a strange glow in the sky over the mountain I saw one of the first, but as a seasoned manager with the conclusions of an extraterrestrial origin of UFO clouds decided not to rush and panic among the people to plant.

— We believe that this is a good sign for our village, and the coming year will be for Natuhaevki successful — philosophically drew a line under the turmoil stanitsa Tatiana.

Olga Gaylesh

Kuban Cossack Army


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