UFO over the islands of Hawaii


12.04.11.V skies over Hawaii seen unidentified flying objects, akin to the fact that "hover" over the "Fukushima 1". In Hawaii luminous objects "interested" military base the U.S. military.

Despite the fact that information on UFOs leaked just now, the lights are recorded on April 8. Altogether, there were five areas exuding glow. The object of curiosity UFO chose Pacific base Makua.

As noted, the object moves erratically, changing the intensity of the emitted light. Sometimes they are divided, and sometimes joining in a single group. Total time sightings were only a few minutes, after which mysterious objects with awesome speed disappeared over the horizon.

As noted, almost at the moment of the explosion at the first reactor, Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima 1" are the same luminous objects appeared there.

Characteristically, these UFOs have long and repeatedly noted over the nuclear plants and military bases. In particular, the appearance in the sky of Hawaii unidentified flying objects say soldiers who have been serving in different years in these islands.

According to ufologist Robert Hastings, so how would the aliens control the development of military nuclear technology and humanity. While in past years the aliens watching us secretly, in recent years, their presence indicated more clearly and more clearly.
Text: Aramis Day

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