UFO visited heaven in the Iranian province of Ardebil




On Wednesday evening, May 5, residents Khalkhal, located in the south of the province of Ardabil in northwestern Iran witnessed the visit of a UFO.

According to IRNA witnesses, glowing bright light ball shaped unidentified flying object appeared in the sky above the city Khalkhal and hovered in the northern and north-western part of the sky above the city, approaching and receding from the earth.

Representatives of law enforcement agencies of Khalkhal confirmed the appearance of a UFO in the sky over the city and declared that we were able to fix the visit of a UFO on video.

Khalkhal city with a population of 100 thousand is located 120 km south of Ardabil.

Unidentified flying objects from 13 April periodically observed in the sky over the cities of Gorgan, Gonbad Cavus, Azadshahr, Ramiyan, Minudasht north-eastern province of Gorgan and cities Meshkinshahr, Ardabil and Pila-Sevar northern province of Ardebil.

Recall that Professor Manouchehr Changi, director of the Iranian Institute of Plasma and Laser more April 25 reported on the completion of the study cases of UFO sightings in the skies over Iran.

He called "UFO flying over the Iranian air" "anomalous atmospheric phenomena."


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