UFO, wait: Mexican pilots chased sensation




Mexican pilots say they saw a luminous objects that have begun to surround them (Fig. Mexican Air Force / AP).

It is hard to remember the last time the press around the world raised such a fuss because of a UFO. And that unidentified objects were once 11. And that the mere appearance of "plates" officially confirmed the armed forces of any country. I do not recall. And now all that way?

To start viewing the chronology of events in the form in which it presented to us. March 5, 2004 the crew of Mexican Air Force under the command of Magdaleno Kastanona (Magdaleno Castanon) was flying over southern Campeche (Campeche) at an altitude of about 3.5 km.

Everyone says that it was common for Mexican pilot operation: one jet they were flying across the state to interfere with the aforementioned high drug trafficking.

Apparently, for this purpose there was equipment on board, allowing to see in the infrared range, and the lieutenant in charge of the equipment Mario Adrian Vazquez (Mario Adrian Vazquez).

And at one point, the plane was surrounded by luminous objects, more precisely — presumably surrounded, it is written. It must have been a UFO to the naked eye does not see.

At this point, Marine Lt. Jerman (German Marin), who was responsible for the on-board radar, found on the screen of the ward three objects, while in the infrared spectrum, there were more.

Gen. Ricardo Vega Garcia (left) meets with ufologists are not only used to transmit shooting UFOs, but also with the U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (photo from defenselink.mil).

But the commander of the crew is not to be considered objects Vasquez with its "infrared" equipment, and a radar operator, who had three seemed to have considered.

During the counting between the commander and lieutenant Marin is in Spanish the following dialogue:

Radar operator, "There they are, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, no — there are eight. Now we'll see them all, they go on an unusual speed. One, two, three, four, five, six seven, eight on the screen. "

Commander: "They are at the same height?"

Operator: "Done."

Well, on the radar screen objects were three pieces, with the commander of the operator counted eight, in the end it turned eleven. Eight plus three, it all fits together?

Comments by members of the crew are very informative:

"I can not say what it was … But I think they were absolutely real," — said Lt. Mario Adrian Vazquez.

"Was I scared? Yeah, I was a bit scared because we've never seen anything like it," — said Lt. Jerman Marin.

"I think they might feel that we are pursuing them," — said the commander Kastanon.

Jaime Maussan (left at the table) shows the press a movie about the Mexican UFO (AP photo).

It turns out that some objects of the first plane, and then the pilots begin to surround them with strangers chase across the board with not very clear objectives.

Apparently, such a statement from Mexican pilots in case of unidentified objects to catch up with them, all of a sudden it's drugs being taken.

And the chase was so awesome that UFOs, allowing to remove yourself a little about the movie, went and disappeared. A crew on arrival at the base took the shot in the infrared spectrum of a film superiors and forgot about it.

Since the historic flight takes one and a half months, and April 22, Gen. Ricardo Vega Garcia (Ricardo Vega Garcia), not the last person in the Mexican Secretariat of the Minister of Defence, takes video and transmits it Maussane ufologist Jaime (Jaime Maussan).

The latter can not particularly spread. The man has made a name for UFOs, wrote books, gathered almost the world's largest collection of eyewitness accounts, photos and films, is television and radio programs about the unknown, and so on.

Maussan is considered the Mexican "eneloshnikom" more than a dozen years.

May 11, 2004 in Mexico City, he collects a press conference and demonstrates the international community captured pilots as a 15-minute film (fragments of records can be found on this page http://www.usatoday.com/news/science/2004-05-12 -mexico-ufos_x.htm).

Among other things, it was announced that a representative of the U.S. Defense Department on the condition of anonymity confirmed — the video was made by pilots of the Mexican Air Force. From other comments anonymously refused.

Actually, that's the whole story. You can pay attention to the long road sensational film: March 5 — April 22 — May 11.

If the first period of easy to blame for anything, the patience of the famous ufologist, nearly a month to keep the "bomb" in a drawer, it looks suspicious.

By the way, the official confirmation of the meeting with unidentified flying objects from the armed forces, strictly speaking, have been reported.

Gen. Garcia's statements did not, and secretive Pentagon spokesman did not in fact said.

Guards and the lack of information on the fate of the film. Experts will study it? Or is it all clear — so UFOs UFOs?

Somehow it seems that the story appeared in front of us in the finished form. In any case, hard to believe that the incident will have a serious — read the official — continued.

Seeing this picture, the Mexican pilots rushed in pursuit of the unknown than (Fig. Mexican Air Force / AP).

One thing is for sure — the sensational news about UFOs did his job, perhaps even benefited. Someone distracted from the daily routine, someone visited the romantic mood with dreams of contact with extraterrestrials, and so on.

And some pretty sure had fun, because the headlines-that the journalists got a lovely "11 crazy UFO Air Force planes attacked the Mexican," "Mexican military acknowledged the existence of UFOs," "Mexican Military pilots managed to shoot an invisible UFO," "Mexico does not give resting flocks of UFO "," The Mexican pilots attached 16 UFOs. "

You see, for 16. The more, the better.


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