UFO: yesterday, today, tomorrow and … always?




Svetlana Koroleva

For most people today, there is no question: syschestvy-out whether UFOs or not. Even the Vatican has recognized that contact with extraterrestrials likely. The abundance of such observations mapped to historical evidence of UFOs, shows that mankind has long co-exist and interact with captive large-scale phenomenon that do not fit into the usual picture of the world. Here and clear signs of intelligence, and technological superiority, and the impact on society (earthlings alien abduction, cases of implantation in the human body miniature sensors and even intimacy), nature and technology.

UFO sighting was stable component of human activity. It seems they are always present in the world, but we see them only when they show themselves. To date, there were more than 6000 UFO landing in 65 countries.

Cases of contact with the UFO people often have very dire consequences: altered mental stereotype of human degradation and de-socialization of personality, the stereotype of fear, fear of recurrence, or the desire for a second meeting. Sometimes there are persistent or spontaneous manifestation of unusual abilities, telepathic communication with an unknown source of information.

The problem, however, is much more complex than it seems at first glance. One of the most mysterious phenomena associated with UFOs are surgical operations on animals, sinister in nature. The bodies of animals with organ harvesting and evacuated blood — not a sight for the faint of heart. In recent years, cases of multiple kidnappings. Statistics revealed abductions (short-term, with a return) kidnapping earthlings and implantation of sensors in their body. They involved about 10 percent of the adult population of the planet. The scope of this action does not speak about some experiments on a large scale activities.

In 1986, for example, the hospital, the doctors of Oxford (England) under normal chromosome studies of the amniotic fluid of the women among the chromosomes found a strange object resembling a square matrix with the correct cells containing inclusions in the form of binary code. The nature of the implant is not known, as well as its functional purpose.

Most people exposed to abduction, do not know that are involved in such a strange experiment. Their memory is blocked just on an episode of the abduction. To remove the blockade applied unconventional, so-called "soft" regressive hypnosis.

Women as well as men and children recall or laboratory environment, where they were taken humanoids, or his house, which penetrated the aliens. Regardless of where the stolen talking about intervention captors in what we call the sphere of reproduction. Women are associated with this phenomena such as pregnancy occurring without intimacy, termination of pregnancy without apparent intervention of a humanoid miscarriage or an abnormal embryo that aliens took with them, express pregnancy, when the fetus is in the womb develops very quickly, sometimes within several hours. Men tend to take sperm.

Or is it the intervention of unknown Reasonable Force in the mechanism of creation of new human life?

Some ufologists claim that aliens have the ability to "take root" in the people. Moreover, the "hybrid creatures" live quietly among us! This view is supported by psychologists, specialists of different countries regressive gipnozu.

Moreover, American ufologist John Schessler proposed a UN-led new direction in science — ezopsihologiyu. The concern is "to study and predict the behavior, attitude, character and thought the aliens." But what aliens?

Ufologists have long known that a UFO landing site negatively affects all living things: these "devil's circle" avoid the animals, they wither, and sometimes completely absent grass and other vegetation. Many researchers studying such anomalous zones have paid their health. The output can be only one — should not be a long time to be in such places, especially fend them children. This is very dangerous!

Force fields and rays generated by a UFO, can disrupt electrical and mechanical clock radio work, weapons control systems and even energy regions. In November 1965 the entire northeastern United States with a population of 36 million people in ten hours in darkness. Ceased to operate businesses, airports, elevators, communications. One minute before the blackout on the power distribution and substation Clay spotted a large UFO. The other two were flying along a long transmission line in New Hampshire and closed the relay lightning protection.

There are versions of the cause of the "great fire" in Chicago in 1871 was the passage of a huge ball of fire, which destroyed the way of some settlements. Stone houses flared up like torches at the same time in different parts of the city. Burning the marble and iron. Hundreds of people died not from the fire, but for some unknown reason.

In 1990, ophthalmologists Moscow Regional Clinical Institute (MONICA) investigated the 9 people who were watching disc with red rays. The skin of their faces become purple. This was followed by a burning sensation in the eyes, and for some time maintained a disk image. Some patients have been found to damage the lens, as in a nuclear explosion, while others — changes in the fundus, and the rest — a detached retina, similar to burns under a laser.

As is also the case with the protection of the world's population from unwanted visitors? The main objective is to study the impact of ufology UFOs biotechnosphere, that is the nature, technology and humanity. As a result of this study crystallized very ambiguous postulate: "Beware of the UFO!" In their existence no one doubts. But at the government level, the secret of everything that concerns UFOs as they hope to get on the research techniques and new technology ahead of the competition. Many ufologicheskiye organization set up special services in order to control the information received from the public.

Of course, there are UFOs and manage beings with intelligence and powerful technology. It would be naive to think that the universe, and our Earth, there is only one form of life. Physical changes too much.

Where they come from — from the vast expanses of the universe?

Or do they co-exist side by side with us? While we can not answer this question.

We are powerless in the face of incomprehensible and absurd possibilities unknown reason, able to salute you in the guise of a Martian, the Blessed Virgin, in the form of a fleet of airships. All we can do is keep track of their impact on people and hoping that sooner or later we will understand the principle that explains their behavior. Moreover, that the modern scientific community is likely to believe in the "flying saucer" only when ufologists give him hands unearthly ship with the crew as a whole.

Society craves contact with the Universal Mind, which would have taken under the wing of our unhappy, tired and troubled planet. I think we are well prepared to enter the trap, perhaps, kind and generous, but the trap. And when we talk about UFO sightings as visits from outer space, we seem to perceive this phenomenon is not at that level. We are not dealing with the surge of the waves of visits from outer space. We are dealing with a system of spiritual control of human consciousness and paranormal phenomena such as UFOs, the essence of its manifestations.

This masked extravaganza takes us away from a correct understanding of what is happening. The phenomenon is designed to be constantly lead us beyond the limits of reality.

Do not want to think about it, but until we destroy the cruel hatred of each other in wars and ethnic conflicts, we have someone intensely interested, conducting genetic experiments on human beings. This windfall question the answer to which we can not get.

So, if you happen to meet a UFO or humanoids, be sure to consult your doctor to undergo a full medical examination. And do not worry caused sensations alone. Here your mates should be a doctor or a parapsychologist UFO center.

Svetlana Koroleva, Simferopol

The publication used material of the book "Under the" hood "other Mind" famous ufologist, Ph.D., professor, academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences Vladimir Azhazha.

PS 10 years ago in Moscow at the International Academy of Informatization Academy informatsiologicheskoy and Applied Ufology, the Institute of Rehabilitation post-exposure, the rector of which is doctor of science and technology, academic Valentina Privalov.

In Crimea there are a few students VM Privalova who have completed this institution and deal with issues of anomalies and post-exposure recovery.

Comte. Tel. Simferopol: (0652) 54-65-54.

6 Secret Doctrine (124) March 2004

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