UFOs are flying people

UFOs are flying peopleNot so long ago antiufologi P. Poluian (physicist from Krasnoyarsk) and A. Anfal (coordinator society observers normal manifestations of the medium) conducted its own investigation. This investigation, scientists have tried to answer the question of where in the Soviet Union and the CIS created man-made UFOs "flying saucers" and created a general.

On the results of the acquired knows Anton Anfal.

— Anton, you mentioned the Saratov Aviation Plant, which began to make Russian 'UFO', namely the so-called functional bezaerodromny aircraft "EKIP". It was the only plant where engaged in such developments?

— No, I know exactly what the "plates" were designed, made and tested repeatedly in flight in the USSR, but — all the information hitherto kept secret! In the batch creation they did not. The main problem that is not yet possible to make very small, and at the same time, a massive power plant.

When eminent design office "MiG" Special Branch worked, which engaged in the development of non-standard aircraft.

The department is able to establish unequivocally, developed at least two working models of experimental aircraft (AC). It seems that the big push to work on these devices give information extracted by strip GRU about the development of "saucers" abroad in the United States. Active work was carried out during the years 1960-1979.

We also managed to set up a reliable, that similar research work involved in special laboratory "Volodymyrivka", which was placed on the ground "Kapustin Yar".

— And if the work was carried out in a stagnant 1980s and 1990s, dashing?

— Yes, lasted not measured, but still this is done in. So, for example, I have clear information about the unusual aircraft in the form of an ellipse, made in 1982 at the Metropolitan engineering plant "Strela" This apparatus was absolutely assembled and in one of the vernal nights in 1982 was sent on a barge on the Moscow River in Zhukovsky tests.

In 1996, during Yeltsin's visit to Novosibirsk, where he attended the local aircraft plant in the picture is accompanied by the President of the reporter went flying on the floor flying disc. Managed it everyday test pilot NAPO. Chkalov (Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association), and not an alien.

Also I have a strong suspicion about another 1st Aviation Plant "Arrow" in Orenburg. UFO different types more than once during the night were seen just above the area of the plant watched them both in Russian and in the post-perestroika times. It is possible that such developments and engaged in other aviation enterprises of Russia in Voronezh, Ulan-Ude, Chelyabinsk.

— In your eyes. what are the main difficulties in the construction of "UFO"?

— The main objective of the initial steps of the development was to learn how to protect the crew from radiation. That's why the first "plates" were unmanned vehicles.

— What did "plates" so unsafe for human?

— Such devices during flight at full power its radiation can cause real harm to humans and burn enough electronics to great distances. But, at the moment the pilots firmly protected (shielded from radiation).

Pilots are usually carried out in a cabin in the form of spheres of the dome with a 360-degree view is suspended in the middle of one or two chairs placed in front of which the control panel. Later models plates were more advanced control system, for example as a helmet-mounted display and an intuitive response to the movement of the pilot's head and eye.

— And where did they fly to?

— I think the main dishes are used for local flights to simulate the visit of aliens may be from time to time and for reconnaissance missions.

— You yourself beheld a UFO?

— In 1995, I watched the UFO is not a time and all the times it was in the Crimea. The first time I beheld a UFO of days it looked like a barrel, the second time it was a diamond shape and it was in darkness. These devices are quite often surrounded by a layer of highly ionized plasma. But I drew attention to the fact that these devices are not much like the alien ships, especially ships' lights are located on the unit that I was able to make out quite well, they are very similar to the simple terrestrial lights illuminating the streets at night for example.

A little later in the 1995 information reached me that the same apparatus vtochnosti story of the Stavropol region. And after 6 years in 2001, I'm on the same site in the Crimea saw a diamond-shaped UFO flying at low altitude along the same route. I think flying saucer so smallish, so it is not detected Defense of Ukraine. Noteworthy that there was "plate" on the part of Turkey where, as you know, the U.S. Air Force base located.

In 2005, a fascinating information came from Texas, USA, where one of their local hunters also followed a similar description on the object. But he followed in his own rifle telescope, which allowed him to examine the details of the machine and …. inscription on the British language "Danger — the highest voltage" and "Emergency Exit"!
It seems that the Americans were flying over the Crimea using the deplorable state of affairs in the army, after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

I believe that in our own investigation we are on the right track for the next results I will also talk to everyone b invite the cooperation of all the people who know something or beheld themselves.

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