UK: heat and fires

Holidaymakers on the beach, drank about. Man, UK. 26/03/2012.

Britain continues to break temperature records. For a week the temperature even in London showed +20 ° C, which is 10 degrees above normal. In Five Castle, County of Aberdeen, Scotland, recorded a temperature record in 22,8 °.

Something similar happened in the country during the second half of March 2005, when the Botanical Garden Kew Gardens in London was 21.8. As then, now reigns over the islands area of high atmospheric pressure, backed by warm air currents from more southern regions.

Almost cloudless sky over the UK. 26/03/2012.

However, such an abnormally warm and dry weather caused serious fires in some regions of the country. In the county of Dorset on fire two wasteland fire spread very quickly, because the soil and vegetation are completely dry. In minutes, the fire was captured in 1000 m2 of land, the flame height reaches 9 meters. Firefighters took an hour to extinguish the fire were carried out preventive measures against re-ignition.

Dorset fire brigade was deactivated series of fires provoked established in Britain, dry weather.

To put out another fire near Isaac-Close area of nearly 5 hectares required force of 40 firefighters and 2 hours of hard work. Local government asks people to be extremely cautious and vigilant in this dry season, where the slightest spark of a cigarette can cause a disaster.


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