UK: love actually deprived of reason




Scientists have long been proven that love (as, indeed, any bright emotions) has an effect not only on the psychological, but also physical health. But it turns out, the consequences of these changes are not so clear, as the psychologist and continue to consider themselves lovers.

As shown by studies conducted at the University College of London (UK), the lovers of men and women (as in the study involved 24 people, "who regarded themselves as lovers") there are some changes in cerebral blood flow, leading to impaired function of a number of centers in the brain. In particular, it reduces the activity of the centers that control rational behavior and emotions. As a result, the lovers are losing the ability to critically analyze the situation — for example, stop paying attention to the shortcomings of others (including the love object) or, for example, begin to behave relatively impractical, making too many senseless actions. Furthermore, love alters the hormonal status of the organism — in men decreased production of male hormone (testosterone), and in women, on the contrary, be synthesized starting with a greater intensity than normal.

"Love is like, however, and other human feelings, is still a mystery that science has not been able to figure out — said the results Dr. Gareth Leng, one of the authors of the study. — But every newly discovered fact helps us to understand ourselves. And we intend to continue our research into this mysterious area. "

Battery News, 11.05.2004 17:20

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