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Updated on May 15.

Underground fire in Ukhta winter
Posted on 14/05/2012 by user nibiru646

Near the village of Ukhta Water recorded an unusual phenomenon in the earth faults are seen fiery streams — as if the earth burns. This was "KomiOnlaynu" said Deputy Chief of Ukhta Tatyana Filippova.

According to her, this underground "fire" can be seen on the banks of the river a little, on the site, licensed by OOO "Neftegazpromteh." Perhaps this is a rare natural phenomenon, but not the fire, as there is no open flame, no property is off. If you put in this place to the ground with a metal mug with water, the liquid begins to boil rapidly. Steam coming out of the ground. Deep in the heat. The snow melted in this place.
"We have issued a request to the Department of Mineral Resources in the Komi, the ministry of natural resources and environment of the region, General Directorate of Russian Emergencies Ministry in the country. Specialists observe fire, investigate it. In any case, whatever it may be, can not prevent the spread of fire and began thus, the period of forest fires in Ukhta, "- said T.Filippova.
As noted by the Office of Civil Defense and Emergency Ukhta administration, it is probably ignited petroleum gas.
Source: Ecoss

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