Ukraine successfully passed the test of the Kyoto statements for 2009

MOSCOW, Oct. 15 — RIA Novosti. Preliminary test results of the Ukrainian national inventory of greenhouse gas emissions for the years 1990-2009 was generally positive — it gives grounds for an early resumption of the country's participation in international emissions trading, according to RIA Novosti, the representative of the State Agency for Ecological Investments of Ukraine.

Decision of the Compliance Committee of the Kyoto Protocol October 12 Ukraine's participation in emissions trading of greenhouse gas emissions on the global carbon market was officially suspended. The basis for the "off" the country was non-compliance with national reporting requirements identified in the international verification of the national inventory of Ukraine for 1990-2008 years.

"The preliminary findings of the results of testing in general … are positive," — said the source.

Head of the State Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine Sergey Orlenko in an interview with RIA Novosti noted that in 2011, a serious work on a new document.

"Many of the comments of UN experts were taken into account, and this was noted in the course of ERT (Panel — Ed.) In Ukraine", — he said.

According Orlenko as soon as the preliminary findings of the previous inventory became known Ukrainian government, was held "very serious large-scale work on the formation of a national system for accounting of greenhouse gases and of the inventory."

The Kyoto Protocol of the Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which entered into force in 2005, contains quantitative commitments by developed countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The protocol provides two project-based mechanisms to reduce emissions, as well as international trading. To participate in these mechanisms parties must submit annual reports to the rules defined by international agreement.

Earlier in 2011, it was officially suspended Romania's participation in the international trading. Country, violating the requirements of monitoring and reporting, August 27 can not make deals with the "country" assigned amount units (AAU) and emission reduction units (ERU) from Joint Implementation projects.

In September, the Convention Secretariat published the results of inspection reports for 2008 for Lithuania. This inspection also revealed discrepancies, potentially threatening the "off" countries from emissions trading for greenhouse gases.


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