Ukrainian pilots nearly shot down a UFO …




Notice of motion to the Polish border in the direction of Kiev "undersized air target" came to the command post Mirgorod. With Mirgorodskogo airfield defense troops of Ukraine on alert took off two fighter "Su-27".

All attempts were on duty at the command of military contact with the unknown object came to nothing: he did not answer and did not react to any of the requests. When the air closer to the goal of Zhitomir, across the path of her Mirgorod already flies two "dryers". The pilots were in no hurry to enter "into a clinch," without making sure all the 100, which deal with the "enemy."

Airborne radars their "Su-27", however, when approaching the Zhitomir nothing improper in the skies stubbornly not be found. Aerial target because they were troubled before this "ground" the military, suddenly disappeared and the other radars.

Fighters turned around and flew back to Myrgorod. According to "Moskovsky Komsomolets", it seems that on radar screens-Defense Forces of Ukraine still squeezed UFO.


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