Ukrainian rivers are polluted to a critical point


Ukrainian river as a national security threat. More than half of small waterways are polluted so much that there is not something to drink, bathe in them even dangerous. This is confirmed by research at the Institute of water and environmental issues. In this case, scientists point out: it is small channels carry drinking water for the Ukrainians. Theme continues Dmitry Georgian.

About three-quarters of the water that they drink today Ukrainians from surface sources. In the Dnieper, Desna and other large river flows over 60,000 small rivers and streams. They feed the giants.

— Well, this one's water goes directly into the river Kalmius.

This is one of the tributaries of the river. Chairman of the environmental organization from Donetsk, Vladimir Zhuravlev, says, dumps are officially closed. But processing continues. Who is the owner — local authorities can not answer. So, there is no one in charge and discharge of toxic substances.

Vladimir Zhuravlev, chairman of public environmental organizations:

— But this is only to say, only the particle down the entire river Kalmius go discharges of industrial and domestic water. 49 sources of urban water discharge without any treatment.

Of the dozens of springs that fed Kalmius, today there are only four.

— Іngulets — naybіlsh zabrudneny, that there i scho Schacht there i s fostoskhovisch skidaєtsya zalіzorudnih pіdpriєmstv.

State Agency Water state: in Ukraine is growing every year deficit of quality drinking water. The map can be seen: the lighter the area, the smaller stocks. A law that will determine how much money and where to get them on the resuscitation of small rivers, under development.

Michael Yatsyuk, first deputy head of the State Agency of water resources:

Mi're polіtiku, dwellers zapobіgti zabudovі nezakonnіy. Mi're polіtiku, not dwellers Bulo gospodarskogo osvoєnnya zaboronenogo chinnim zakonodavstvom, tobto vikoristannya yakihos hіmіkatіv skladіv nebezpechnih chi …

At the same time, officials admit that agricultural work or construction of new facilities are often conducted without regard to possible contamination of the rivers.

Dmitry Georgian correspondent:

— Water Ukrainian rivers, even the qualitative estimates of the State Agency of water, are not protected from contamination. We are located on one of the channels that feed the Dnieper. That's the pipe into the river dumped sewage. Here there is persistent smell of chlorine.

World Health Organization expert on environmental issues, said Anatoly Yatsik: water for the maintenance of many hazardous substances in Ukraine do not check. So, the possible growth of diseases associated with contaminated water.

Anatoly Yatsik, director of the Ukrainian Institute of Water Management and Ecological Problems:

— Sogodnі potrіbno already vrahovuvati gіdrohіmіyu, toksikologіyu, bakterіologіyu i navіt radіologіyu, ostannі 25 rokіv Treba vrahovuvati. I. all Tse E Duzhe in kavichkah "bagatі."

According to the academician, Ukraine has long been ready to develop clean-up of small rivers. But to use them in practice and did not start.

Dmitry Georgia, Irina AGIsachenko Podoprihin Oleg and Alex Rust,

"Details" on TV channel "Inter", Donetsk, Kiev.

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