Ultrapolyarnoe invasion. Chronicles of warming

Unprecedented cold weather in Europe has claimed dozens of lives. The last few days have died of hypothermia about 60 people.

Ukraine has registered at least 30 victims. Temperature in Kiev fell to -23 degrees, and somewhere to minus 33 degrees which was the highest figure in the last six years. Most of the dead were found in the streets, but some of them died in hospitals and their homes.

In central Serbia, the temperature reached -21 degrees, which resulted in the deaths of three to seven people. In Poland, where the temperature dropped to -27 degrees, in recent days have died of hypothermia 15 people in Bulgaria — 5, in Romania — eight. Black sea froze around the Romanian resort of Mamaia, a saltwater lake on the border with Bulgaria was covered with ice for the first time in 58 years. In eastern Bosnia dozens of villages covered with snow two meters, at the weekend in one of them was found frozen body of a man.

Istanbul declared red alert level in the city has dropped 20 cm of snow. Emergency services UK and France eliminate the consequences of a heavy snowfall. In some areas, introduced a state of emergency. Covered with snow and Romania. The Prime Minister ordered to send the army and tanks to clear roads. Over the past day were saved from hypothermia passengers hundreds of machines. In southern Romania because of drifting and icing derailed passazhirskipoezd. At the airport in Bucharest canceled dozens of flights.

In Switzerland, the thermometer in the mountains will drop to -22 ° C will drop to 5 — 10 cm of snow. Low temperature established in Italy — Piedmont, Liguria and Lombardy. In particular, in Turin (Piedmont region) on Saturday and Sunday dropped 20 inches of snow, which is why on Monday closed all local schools. Notes that this cold weather in Europe in general and Italy in particular was not for more than 20 years.

Last night the temperature in Moscow reached -26.8 degrees. In Moscow hospitals were hospitalized 128 people, 28 of them died. In the Volga region will be in peak cold February 1-2, the temperature is expected to drop to -31 degrees. This is below the norm by 10-15 degrees.

Suggest that Roma have not sold their coats, so frost will still last long.

Quilted pants and boots worn by our ancestors, can not be too aesthetically pleasing, but they are cheap and practical. If you are talking about global warming — insulate better, and especially the ladies and gentlemen — good luck.


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