Ulyuyu Cherkecheh — Russian anomalous zone

In the north-west of Yakutia, in the Upper Viljui is difficult terrain with traces of some grand cataclysms — continuous fall out of the forest that are about 800 years old, scattered over hundreds of miles of stone fragments. On this terrain scattered strange metal objects located deep underground in the permafrost. Their presence is manifested on the surface stains only fanciful vegetation. The ancient name of this area — "Ulyuyu Cherkecheh", The name means "Death Valley. " For many years, the Yakuts a hundred miles pass by this remote area, and do play in the fate not only of civilization, but the entire planet particular, a pivotal role.

The population of the river basin Viluy There is a legend from ancient times to the presence of the upper reaches of this river is huge bronze boilers olguev. Tradition is worthy of attention, as these prospective areas of the mythical location of boilers dated several rivers with Yakut names "Olguydah", which means "Boiler Room."

Judging by the results of archaeological research conducted in the Upper Vilyue SA Fedoseyeva, broken-fluctuating population of the area starts to be traced from about the fourth century BC … In the first millennium BC Line breaks historical development, which is consistent with the last possible date of the explosion, which occurred in September 1380. Raised a dense cloud of them for a few hours eclipsed sun over Europe. In some areas geoactive occurred violent earthquakes. This event has already noted the written sources. In Russian chronicles, it coincided with the Kulikov battle: "… the darkness has vanished in the second half of the day. The wind was blowing so strong against him that could not fly an arrow shot from a bow … "This factor was favoring the victory of Russian troops. It is much brighter than the other sources describe these explosions tungus legend. From their descriptions, it is something worse than modern nuclear weapons, many times.

In 1936, close to the river Oyguldah (the place with the boiler), on the orders of the elderly, the geologist came across a protruding out of the ground a smooth metal hemisphere, reddish, large diameter, with smooth edge that it "cut the nail." Its wall thickness was about 2 cm from the ground She has approximately one fifth of its diameter. She stood banked so that by it you can enter riding a reindeer. Made them a description he sent to Yakutsk.

In 1979, a geologist discovered hemisphere was trying to find an archaeological expedition from Yakutsk. With them was an old conductor, who in his youth had seen this building, not once, but, he said, the place has changed a lot, and they found nothing. It should be said that there walking ten paces from the desired object and not notice it, so it is still on the run across them by accident.

The same legend, the acting out of the ground the arch under which there is a plurality of metal rooms, in which the heat even in the dead of winter. But those who stayed in these rooms for a long time, died. Researchers from Mirny Gutenev A. and B. Michael talked about the old nomad, who saw in the "Valley of Death" some "metal hole", which are frozen through and through "helluva lot of thin, black eyed people in iron clothes." And he's not the only person who has seen like that!

As for the mysterious objects, their there's probably a lot, some, "boilers" there are several dozen. All of them seem to be quite puzzling: first, the size — from six to nine feet in diameter. Secondly, made of unknown metal. The fact that the "boiler" does not take even a sharpened chisel (tried more than once). Metal does not break off and not forged. Even on a steel hammer certainly would have left noticeable dents. And on top of this metal is coated with a layer of unknown material resembling sandpaper. But this is not the oxide film and scale — it is also not chop off or incised.

Vegetation around the "boilers" abnormal — is quite different from that which grows around. It is more lush: large-leaved burdock, very long vines, strange grass — taller than a man and a half — two times.

There are local legends and references of the root cause of these mysterious events. This mysterious fire spewing out of some steep metal pipe veiled "slam", and rail corridors leading away deep in the bowels of the earth … There, according to legend, lives, "he that soweth infection and tossing balls of fire" giant Wat Tong Usumu Duuray, which translated means "criminal alien, who had taken refuge hole in the ground and in the deep, fiery tornado destroys everything around."

If we were talking about this time, one would think the military base with rocket mines, but in fact these stories are written long before the advent of such bases. The only "natural explanation" that comes to mind in this case — it is already known from surveys paleoastronavticheskim hypothetical transfer of information back in time. Is this true? Known cases, which can be interpreted as "anachronistic" usually refer to the legends — and those who are the legends tell themselves the objects of his short stories have never seen. In our case, we encounter the stories of eyewitnesses. What then is the very "boiler"? The wreckage of space launches? The remains of spent stages of rockets? Given the current trajectory launches, such debris can fall into the upper Viljui, but the strength and space materials is not that great, and they have a different shape.

Some researchers believe that the "kettles" — it is a human work, whether they are extraterrestrial — would be a little stronger. As proof of use of the following facts: in 1933 heard from Yakut-conductor that 5-10 years ago, he discovered several brand new and totally round boilers balls that high, at 3.2 meters out of the ground. But already after a couple of decades Evenk hunter saw these units have splintered and scattered. Having another "pot" also double, the researchers noticed that the one in the past few years as the object itself would be under its own weight visibly sank into the ground (in the permafrost!). So just going to dive quite a noticeable rate themselves "kettles" appeared not so long ago. But if the "boilers" and humans do, and recently in the Middle Ages, then who did it — it is useful to remember that the local people were not able to give birth to even a small copy of such stuff, it needs at least a highly developed production.

Other scientists, shells not so long ago, an expedition to the "Sichuan anomalous zone", said: blame — saturated evaporation of rotting plants, from which a person begins to choke, disoriented and eventually die and deep clefts, which are abundant in the surroundings. But other researchers are convinced that it is — only the appearance of "clues" and the original "roots" of all incidents — in an extremely strong magnetic field.


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