UN concerned at the threat of flooding of major cities, including — in Cairo, New York and Tokyo

Yesterday, the world celebrated World Habitat Day, which is celebrated annually on the first Monday of October. This year its theme — Cities and climate change. The message on this occasion Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stressed that the relationship between urbanization and climate change — "deadly." However, he drew attention to the threat of pollution and flooding of major cities. With the message of the Secretary-General on Monday as part of a high-level discussion "Cities and Climate Change" made his first deputy, Asha Rose Migiro. The event was organized by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), the United Nations headquarters in New York.The letter emphasized that this year's World Habitat Day is celebrated in the month, when, in the demographic projections, the world will be born semimilliardny resident. The paper notes that the future that this child will inherit all of his generation, largely depends on how the international community today to answer the challenges of population growth, urbanization and climate change. Onim of the major impacts of climate change, which is of serious concern is the increase in sea level. "Today, at a height of no more than one meter above sea level, is home to 60 million people. By the end of the century that number will increase to 130 million," — says the message. It stresses that the major coastal cities — such as Cairo, New York, Karachi, Calcutta, Belem, New Orleans, Shanghai, Tokyo, Lagos, Miami and Amsterdam — could be at serious risk from flooding caused by hurricanes.The UN chief said that the city — the center of industrialization and sources of emissions, but at the same time and place to solve problems. He drew attention to the fact that today a growing number of cities goes to the use of wind, solar and geothermal energy, contributing to the clean development and strengthening measures to protect the environment. "To take the field efforts are critical for success, but they need to be supported by international initiatives," — says the message of the head of the UN. It calls for a more secure future.

Source UN News Centre

Source: ecoportal.su.

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