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Invincible weaponSergei Pavlovich Invincible (born September 13, 1921, Ryazan) — Russian designer missile.


Born in a working class family. In 1938, he entered the Moscow State Technical University. Bauman. When the majestic Russian War filed with the request to send to the front of what was denied. The school was evacuated to Izhevsk. Returned from evacuation in 1943, he studied in the group under control of Dr. Yu Pobedonostseva. He graduated from Bauman in 1945 in "Mechanical Engineer Munitions", the theme of the graduation project — "Rocket complex over-range anti-tank. " Tips on Pobedonostseva been focused in Kolomna SDB-101 (KBM now FSUE "KBM") BI Shavyrina, where he worked right up to 1989 as a design engineer, the first deputy head designer (1961), and the head of the main constructor ( 1965), the general designer (1988).

Specifically involved in the development of a mechanism for loading 433-mm mortars besshtochnogo anti-BMB-2 (1951). Managed the development, and prepared for mass creation of high-explosive rounds and cumulative for recoilless guns B-10 and B-11 (1954).

In 1956, he led a group on the development of anti-tank missiles (ATGM), which were the result of complexes "Bumblebee" (1960), "Baby" (1963), later automatic anti-tank systems "Baby-T" (1969). With their design has implemented a number of innovative technical developments that have played an important role in other branches of industry.

In continuation of BI Shavyrina, running SP Invincible was completed development Russia's first man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) "Strela-2" (1968), followed by a series of MANPADS, "Strela-2M" (1970), "Strela-3" (1974), "Igla-1" (1981 ), "Igla" (1983), with all this for the first time in the world have been solved complex technical tasks to ensure the effective firing meet the criteria of thermal effects of active noise and other factors.

In the 1970-1980 years. was created first in the world supersonic anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) "Storm", "Sturm-In" (1976) — in the helicopter, "Sturm-C" (1978) — in the automotive performance. Were later made "Attack" (the deepest modification "Sturm") and the first in the world of dual-LAW "Chrysanthemum".

SP Invincible was a pioneer in the creation of high country for tactical and operational-tactical missile systems (dispenser and PTRC). Under his administration came into service TRC "Point" with different types of warhead: HSN, OFBCH (1975), KBCH (1977), D (1979), F-P (1982), as well as "Tochka-U" (1988) , PTRC "Oka" (1980).

In the middle of the 1970s. he initiated the MSC had cooperated in a fundamentally new direction in the field of arms — creation complexes and active protection systems (KAZ) Armored (complex "Arena") and other equipment (including ICBM silos).

In 1989, after the contract with the U.S. on intermediate-and lower-range systems have been destroyed, "Oka", which does not formally have to fall within the scope of the contract, SP Invincible resigned from his post as chief designer and left the MSC.

Since 1990 he has worked in the Central Research Institute for Automation and Hydraulics in Moscow, is a Supervisor of scientific and technical center "Reagent".

Creator of more than 350 scientific works, inventions and 1st opening.

Wife — Invincible (Kuvshinov) Laura I. (1923 — 1997), daughter — Fokine (Invincible), Natalia S. (1943).

Merit and title

Doctor of Technical Sciences (1973), Doctor (1977), corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1992), Academician RARAN (1994), Academician of the Russian Academy of Astronautics (1998). Hero of Socialist Labor (1971), winner of the Lenin Prize (1964), three times winner of the State Prize (1969, 1976, 1981), winner of the Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1978), awarded 3 Orders of Lenin, the Order of the October Revolution. Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR (1985), a delegate XXV, XXVI, XXVII Congress of the CPSU, the fifteenth and sixteenth congress of trade unions of the USSR.

Honorary citizen of the town of Kolomna number 1.

In 1999, the Company MMP "Ilios" organized three scholarships to them. SP Invincible at the Department of the Faculty of CM-6 "Special Engineering" Bauman. Bauman.

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