Undeclared War: UFO against the USSR

July 20, 2012 10:15

The first-ever study of UFOs formal legal acknowledgment of their existence was made in the USSR — the College of the military tribunal of the North Caucasus Military District
Currently, the world portrayed in two well-established, but the diametrically opposing views on the UFO phenomenon, the alien, the alien and the other, as they call them, the abnormal phenomena.

© Photo: SXC.hu

© Photo: SXC.hu

Some, citing witness accounts and the so-called "contactees" and telephoto pictures, videos and sketches, recognize these phenomena as objective reality. Others are also quite categorically deny the very possibility of existence, so to speak, "every kind of devilry", citing evidence of rigorous scientific evidence that this can never happen.

In these essays, I intend not to express their own opinions, but first and foremost to handle documents of military departments of the Soviet Union and other countries.

You can say anything about the top leadership of the armed forces of former Soviet Union, but it is hard to deny combat reports, directives of Commander, Minister of Defence. All these documents on the basis of "all sorts of devilry" is not written.

By the way, fighting UFO encounters have taken place in the armed forces of Western countries, whose leadership has also published on the occasion of the official documents.

UFO against TurkVO

One summer day in 1984 at a regular briefing at the headquarters of the Turkestan Military District (TurkVO) Chief of Staff, read the Minister of Defence of the emergency situation at the proving ground troops and missile defense "Emba-2" in the Mugojar mountains. Just in the day when there were tested new missile over ground at high altitude hovering huge — up to 500 m in diameter — spherical unidentified object (UFO). Probably, as he said in this place because of pending trials, because such devices regularly appear above missile range, and areas where important events took place with the participation of troops.

I do not know how to react to the authorities there the army, but in this case, the general who led the anti-missile test, he decided, apparently, to use the appearance of uninvited goals and commanded: "Go!" Experienced antimissile started and went towards an unknown goal, but was almost immediately blown ray pulse from the board a UFO.

In the order of Defense Minister mentioned a special directive Air Defense Commander, which is strictly forbidden to firing or other military action against the unidentified flying objects of any size and shape.

The general, who displayed a ridiculous initiative which resulted loss of a prototype missile, got what he deserved. "Melon inserted" and many other soldiers. But this time, it remains intact TurkVO command. It is with great satisfaction the Chief of Staff. Because for several years, various UFO frolicking in the sky TurkVO, which caused a lot of trouble for his command.

About six months before the meeting's air defense system near Astrakhan was to detect a disc-shaped device, flying at an altitude of more than 2 km along the coast of the Caspian Sea in the direction of the state border. On the operator's air defense unit does not respond. In the air was raised by a pair of hooks on duty, released in UFOs two missiles air combat. None of them did not reach him.

In response to the disc has fallen sharply and continued flying at an altitude of about 50 meters, available for firing rockets on it. He flew on many military units, which made his photos. When the UFO approached Krasnovodsk was raised a combat helicopter opened fire with machine guns. But the disc soared and scored high, which was out of reach for the helicopter airborne weapons. Continuing the flight to the south, the UFO was soon lost radar.

But three months after the incident in the same company of the radar station Krasnovodsk Captain Valuev spotted at an altitude of 20 km a huge ball, which had a diameter of about a thousand meters. The object was stationary, but soon broke away from him with a diameter of 7.6 meters, landing on the shores of the Caspian Sea, 2 km from Krasnovodsk.

Immediately to the place of landing, patrol boats were sent to the Caspian Flotilla, but as soon as they approached the UFO, he took off and landed 200 meters away. Boat approached again, and drive again bounced. This was repeated five times, like UFO pilots mocked kateristami. Finally, the disc took off and at high speed toward the giant ball. Their mark on the radar match, then the ball disappeared into the sky.

Most, however, a dramatic incident occurred in fighter regiment with combat reports that the commander on duty I had read in 1981.

The regiment was stationed in the Kizil-Arvat in western Turkmenistan. The paper reported that the shelf above the airfield at an altitude of more than 7 km hovered unknown aircraft torpedo, center distance of about 100×200 m

By order of the commander of the regiment was raised in the air-duty pair of interceptors. When the pilot reported to the leading cars in the CP "There capture" the regimental commander gave the order: "Two missiles — fire!" And the pilot fired two missiles UFO air combat.

And almost at the same moment the mark shooter fighter and his missiles have disappeared from the radar screen tracking. The pilot of the aircraft is the disappearance of the slave observed visually. He landed safely, and the UFO at about 5,000 kilometers per hour to climb disappeared. No trace of the crash, the debris on the ground it was found.

The regimental commander in the report justified the decision difficult situation in the areas where the regiment: only 100 km to the border with Iran — just a few minutes of flight, the fighter, the war between Iran and Iraq, intense fighting of the 40th Army in Afghanistan TurkVO etc.

However regimental commander, who gave the command to open fire on a UFO that caused the loss of the aircraft and the pilot, the post was removed. Get and command of the Turkestan Military District, which seems to be for this movie had nothing to do. In the order of the Minister of Defense was again confirmed by strict prohibition of any military action against the unidentified flying objects.

UFO defense against

In 1980, a secret directive signed by the then Chief of General Staff Marshal Nikolai Ogarkov sent out in connection and the district headquarters, was prescribed a mandatory report about anomalous phenomena in the aerospace Key Laboratory Staff, specifically deal with such problems. Head of the Laboratory for 15 years, was Col. Alexander Plaksin.

Recently, he gave a long interview in which he called a series of numbers and sensational, previously unknown information about military contacts with UFOs Soviet troops. I quote: "For 15 years, the lab has received more than 10,000 official reports of such contacts. All were thoroughly investigated. In 90 percent of it were man-made, atmospheric and physical abnormalities. However, 10 percent — about a thousand posts — reported on the events that took quite unknown to modern science, nature and were totally inexplicable in terms of terrestrial technologies.

It is these anomalies were not harmless for the troops, especially aviation and air defense. In addition, it was found that the "true", so to speak, a UFO in the vast majority appear and operate in certain areas: where are the big test and evaluation center space troops and units of nuclear delivery vehicles of all kinds. And often the appearance of a UFO caused very unfortunate consequences, including the loss of personnel and destruction of equipment … "

One example of such effects is the incident in a surface-to-air defense missile brigade, stationed north g.Achinska. From the report of the brigade commander, Colonel Naeem Sadykov: "During combat duty October 13, 1987 at 8 hours and 35 minutes. over the zone of responsibility of the 3rd Division was to detect aircraft of unknown type torpedo. He hovered over the positions of division at the height of 7,000 meters on the requests are not answered. The battalion commander, Major N. Tymoschuk gave the command to launch a rocket that hit the target. The unit landed 250 meters from the position of division and made the exposure stood at the rail of soldiers. As a result, 20 soldiers and 3 Sergeant 1st battery died … "

Laboratory Colonel Plaksina made meticulous investigation into this incident, and although the facts of the report of the brigade commander N.Sadykova fully confirmed, but the physical causes of the death of the personnel could not be determined. Medical examination confirmed his death by high-frequency radio waves. Unknown device, according to testimony of survivors of military division, instantly picked up speed and disappeared.

The report of the commander of the Military Space Forces said: "In positioning area of the 12th Missile Division May 14, 1983 an unknown object anomaly for four hours is stationary above the main checkpoint. All this time the operators received the team, which included starting the program supports. Them with great difficulty managed to decipher the team and expose them as false …

In 1989, a large triangular UFO landed such a station north Emtsa Plesetsk cosmodrome. At this time there preparing for the launch of "Soyuz" spacecraft with a "resource".

During prelaunch photographing the images were found two unknown spherical object hovering on either side of the rocket above it. And in the picture, taken after 20 min., Left and above the ship had a large gray disk. All objects visually and on radar screens were observed. They disappeared along with triangular unknown object, which, apparently, was the mother ship …

In the summer of 1987 in Baikonur hour a launching pads observed an unknown luminous object ellipsoid, falling to 200 m in the gun Called guard opened fire, after which the UFO sharply gained altitude and disappeared. However, at the launch site at this time completely turned off lights and appliances stopped working intercom … "

The report of the Chief of Communications of the USSR Navy Vice Admiral S.Berezhnogo said: "… In 1982, the great Pacific Fleet exercises in the Kamchatka area radio communication between ships and shore services was completely broken in half an hour. All the while, over the area of the exercise at high altitude were three unknown luminous object …

In the summer of 1988 near the aircraft carrier "Novorossiysk" was to detect UFOs in the form of plates of at least 700 meters in diameter. At the time of its discovery cruiser was on the traverse Shikotan, and he was raised on duty Navy Fighter. After its take-off on the ship stopped all engines and electronic systems are de-energized. Their work was resumed 15 minutes after the UFO disappeared … "

To quote another document, "Resolution of the Board of the military tribunal of the North Caucasus Military District. Analysis of the evidence suggests that the failures and aircraft fire while flying cadet Maxim Churbakova 16 and August 28, 1991 took place outside of his will and desire, and, because of their anomalous origin. In connection with the above, the tribunal of the North Caucasus Military District, does not see the actions of student Churbakova MG a violation of the rules of flight, and the criminal case against him be terminated for lack of evidence of his actions. "

In terms of purely clerical military tribunal of the North Caucasus Military District, in essence, is officially acknowledged the existence of unidentified flying objects! And it was so.

August 16, 1991, a graduate student Yeisk Higher Aviation School Maxim block of wood served as a staff training flight. Aircraft engine suddenly stalled. All attempts to recover his work did not help, and the pilot reported this to the head of operations, received a command to eject.

Maxim at the last minute was able to take the car from the city and was ejected, the drive in Yeisk reservoir, where it soon picked up. The cause of engine-off commission recognized technical malfunction and pilot actions — right. He even received a commendation from the Commander of the Air Force District for being able to take a car from the city.

Less than two weeks later, on August 28, Maxim block of wood again for a solo flight and then was forced to eject, leaving the car. He explained the reason for his appearance before the orange ball that went for rapprochement, blinding the pilot.

At that moment, lost radio contact, and when there was, then it stepped outside voice that drowned the team flight director. And his help was needed because the plane caught fire, put that on their own Churbakovu failed. In addition, he was in a state of stupor and barely managed to take the car from the village. After that, at 1,000 m was ejected.

It's already been a terrible emergency — cadet block of wood in less than two weeks, two aircraft ditched! An investigation by the military, scientific, and courts. These were connected to two American specialists on anomalous phenomena: retired Maj. Gen. Albert Stebblbayn Medical Center and director of special Leybou Dr. Rima.

Investigation helped that the witnesses of what happened on Earth were many, and they all confirmed the presence of blinding orange ball and attack aircraft Churbakova. Was presented a lot of pictures of these attacks. And as a result of emergency was officially attributed to the abnormal forces, and block of wood Maxim Board justified the decision of the military tribunal. So there was the first ever study of UFOs formal legal acknowledgment of their existence.

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