Under the Death Valley Bomb zatikala

Ubehebe Volcano, which was considered asleep, in fact, secretly accumulating magma …

Ubehebe Volcano, located in the mountain hollow, whose name is Death Valley, in California's Mojave Desert, worrying geologists. For a long time he was considered asleep, but the results of a recent study led scientists to reconsider this view.

Processes of magma accumulation have not stopped, and hence the eruption will happen. There is still debate about its power, but it is exactly what it would be substantial, and, at least, there is the possibility of an earthquake.

Geologists from the University of Colombia took the Ubehebe analysis of rock samples. A detailed study of the chemical composition allows you to set the date of the last eruption, and the frequency with which they occur. According to the study, the volcano erupts once in a thousand years, and the last big blast of magma occurred around 1300 AD. For a man 800 years — a decent life, and for geological processes — an instant. Given the fact that the volcano appeared not so long ago, seven thousand years ago, we can conclude that in its interior magma continues to build up. "There is no reason to believe that Ubehebe exhausted" — expressed the view one of the experts — Nicholas Christie-Blick.

Scientists do not yet know the precise date of the next eruption, but it is going to happen in this century. When the red-hot magma meets groundwater, an explosion incredible strength, scattered rocks for several miles around, changing the landscape. Volcanic gases welling up to the surface at a speed of 320 km / h, and spread throughout the world. Warn of an impending eruption earthquakes — so we can understand that it is time to prepare.

According to geologists, Ubehebe not cause much harm. First, its size is 1 km wide and 237 m deep. He is a large volcano, but the disaster is not satisfied. Second, it is located in an uninhabited area, so people should not be afraid. "It will be good for this watch. But I would still like to be 20 miles from this place, "- said Brent Goering, another author of the study.

Far greater concern is Uturunku Bolivian volcano, which reaches a height of six thousand feet. Scientists fear that it is growing at an incredible pace, accumulating magma is ten times faster than conventional volcanoes. If this growth will cause the supervolcano, then soon it will lead to the eruption of climate and demographic disaster.

"This is one of the areas with the greatest volcanic activity on Earth. And the important time to understand what it can bring, so you should find out the reasons for this rapid growth, "- said Professor Shan de Silva of the University of Oregon.

If the rapid accumulation of magma lead to the transformation in Uturunku supervolcano, the consequences would be devastating to the eruption. Ash and sulfur gases emissions can reach the stratosphere and, like a blanket, cover the globe. Then the sun will no longer penetrate into the atmosphere, leading to a decrease in temperature. Gases are converted into sulfuric acid, which will fall to Earth along with precipitation. A similar effect can cause a hypothetical nuclear winter.

Source: the-day-x.ru

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