Under the power of artificial intelligence

October 14, 2012 23:53

Under the power of artificial intelligence

Where is humanity? What lies ahead? These issues have always been concerned people. Most modern futurologists looks at the future with optimism. They predicted that in the near future we can expect an abundance of material and personal immortality …

Earth will turn into a single supercomputer

In the predictions of futurists has an important place universal computerization. In the near future, computers take over virtually the entire life of people, including cooking, health surveillance, driving transport, financial transactions, education, entertainment, and more. Dates of the "computer paradise" in different forecasters vary too much. Most agree in the opinion that in the "golden billion" it will come around 2030.

Also predicted that in 40 years, thanks to advances in nanotechnology will cure all diseases. A famous American futurist Raymond Kurzweil said that in 2035, doctors will begin to grow in the human body, the body of the new exhaust, and repair "barahlyaschie" organs and tissues. Repairs will be carried out by microscopic nanobots embedded in the circulatory system. They will be expected to move through the arteries and capillaries and clear the body of cancer cells, bacteria and cholesterol deposits.

All computerized processes on the planet, including human, eventually boil down together. All of the "economy" of human civilization, including the people themselves, which in the brain implanted electronic microchips will eventually be monitored and controlled single supercomputer superpower possessing artificial intelligence.
In particular, this system will be to monitor the health of all people in the world. Each inhabitant of the Earth will undergo periodic medical examinations, the results of which will determine the supercomputer, what kind of operation requires that particular person. The operations will be easy and painless, they will hold all the same nanobots.
Kurzweil believes that the gradual transformation of the Earth's supercomputer will begin from the middle of the twenty-first century.

Immortal people were born

Some futurists believe that the organs of the human body's exhaust will not be grown and changed to artificial.
Already the leading laboratories in the world there are reports of promising attempts to create electronic eyes, nose, ears. As for the brain, as it is aging in the human head are implanted tiny computer devices. Together, they will form an artificial brain, artificial intelligence, the identical intelligence of the person, with full preservation of his memory. This implanted computer and become a new brain. It is necessary, however, to debug the system decode the signals to it from other artificial organs, but implanted computer can easily cope with this problem.

The upshot was that all people would consist of artificial organs. Become something like an android. It will happen, according to forecasts, by the end of the twenty-first century.

Technology of the future will not only suspend, but completely negate the aging, in other words — will make people immortal. Live for 30-40 years before the era when there were artificial organs and healing nanobots are quite capable of many of the people currently living. That is already born people who in the future will become immortal. And 40 years later, most of humanity will become immortal.

Everything will be done out of the mud

Forecasts are based on counting the futurists accelerate the pace of world scientific and technological progress. Moore is the law, or the law of doubling, which states that the speed of computer processors will double every 18 months. If this law for several more decades, there would be computers in processing power far surpassing the human brain.
In 2007, the U.S. has been demonstrated the world's first quantum computer. Experts believe that in the near future he will make a revolution in technology. A quantum computer, in contrast to the current silicon based on a fundamentally different principle. The distance between the quantum and silicon computers — as between a laptop and accounts. This is due to the fact that the photon — the carrier of information in a quantum computer — is both a particle and a wave. Many experts in the field of computer technology argue that by 2035, a quantum computer will be able to process more data streams than the particles in space. A quantum computer — a direct route to the creation of artificial intelligence. And not too long.
Of others may note the appearance in 2040 of technology for the production of molecular substances and copies of any items. Of the total, though from street dirt will do (with the help of computers, of course), food, cars, houses, clothes, artificial human organs, gold, diamonds, those same computers. Agriculture and industry become meaningless. People will sciences, arts and entertainment.
Nanotechnology will make people smarter, say futurists. So, each of us after a simple procedure clearing the capillaries of the brain for a few hours could write a novel.
Modern Sex "obsolete." After all, if you look, give us pleasure not mechanical manipulation, and the signals that affect certain areas of the cerebral cortex. Already in 25-30 years people will be able to receive sexual pleasure when to target these areas of the same nanobots. The impact will be made by a person at any time, and at the same time, he will be born in the brain is quite visible and almost physically tangible erotic pictures that make fun of such "artificial" sex is much sharper than usual. The presence of a partner in this, of course, optional. As for children, they will "beget" in test tubes.
In 2050 the mass start freezing those who want to go to far into the future in a cryogenic sleep, the target computer. Frozen for a journey through time to last for a few moments.

Chipizatsiya general population

Kurzweil and other "futurists-technicians" present us heaven on earth. And yet, you can look at the future from a different perspective.
As already mentioned, for the connection between man and supercomputer in the brain of every person on Earth is a special microchip implanted, equipped with a miniature transmitter. Because of this microchip global supercomputer will be able to read directly from the brain any information until the person's thoughts. In other words, the actions of all the people living on Earth will be constant monitoring. Not only tracking, but also management by sending the right signals to the brain.
Of course, the first of this "chipizatsii" people will get some benefits. Here and control over health (disease detection at an early stage), and the rapid acceleration of the learning process, and combat crime in the bud and terrorist attacks, and control of the finances, expenses, gains and other things.
However, total control over the people supercomputer is fraught with many dangers. Artificial intelligence, as well as natural, human, capable of self-improvement, that is, at some point people could lose control of it. It will become a lot smarter than people and, therefore, not only to escape them, and seize power over them. Most likely, people will give it to him in the "hand" for the sake of comfort, health and well-being. And how he will dispose of this power — we can only guess. It is possible that it will create the world a social order in which they brainwashed people will deal exclusively with only his service.

Home Trap

Another, even more, the danger lies in the "alien" factor that most futurists for some reason does not take into account.
The aliens have a long and close eye on what is happening on Earth. There is quite good evidence that the governments of the leading countries in the world with kosmitami regular contact. In early 2009, the British magazine "Inkaunters" published an article ufologist Richard Laynhema the links aliens with U.S. authorities. According to his information, it was from the aliens in the twentieth century, Americans have some of their breakthrough technologies, such as computers. The aliens have a crucial aid in the implementation of the "moon program." All this suggests that the progress of our civilization, "push", and in the direction required by our "brothers in intellect."
Computerization, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology — all parts of a single plan, which aims to ensure that people will have painted themselves under the control of an alien intelligence. A global supercomputer, which they say Kurzweil and other futurists — is, apparently, the main trap prepared for earthlings.
When the system will be created and humanity in the pursuit of comfort and immortality, voluntarily give themselves under his tutelage, kosmity bring into it its own program. After that, with the development of human civilization will be finished.
There are some signs that are observed today (bleeding cattle, kidnapping, etc.), we can say that the earth will turn into a kind of farm for generating the required aliens genetic material.

Computer or a shower?

Newcomers play inherent in the people animal fear of death, the desire for personal immortality. This fear leads to a dead end human civilization.
Under the direction of the global supercomputer controlled extraterrestrial intelligence, devoid of any morality was, people will inevitably turn into a zombie. Perhaps, in the immortal zombie. And most likely, in artificially propagated zombies intended for pumping blood plasma and sadistic experiments on the production of mutants.
Stubborn people's desire for immortality through technological progress overshadows them understand that they are already immortal. Immortal without computers and nanotechnology. People have with what surely deprived aliens — an immortal soul.
Of course, the study of man is in this direction, but there are too many unknown, unknown, not obeying the laws of logic and science. The study of the spiritual basis of human lags far behind the rapidly developing advances in computing, nanotechnology, etc.
Recently among UFO researchers and experts on anomalous phenomena is growing awareness that the work on the study of telekinesis, telepathy, hypnosis, out of the body, and other super-powers of the human body are inhibited intentionally. Someone really does not want to intrude inquisitive human mind in an area that could yield far more people than all of nanotechnology and computers combined. Rather, the obstacles placed by aliens. For them, of course, it is better for people to zombie herd grazing in the care of artificial intelligence than captured its spiritual essence and becoming truly immortal and free, escaped in their "thin" bodies in space and in parallel worlds.
It is hoped that at the very last moment, when the world begins: universal chipizatsiya and transfer of population under the control of a supercomputer, people will think, afraid and say "no" to your own zombie. And the quantum sverhmozg and behind it "back" aliens will strongly resisted.

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