Unemployment rates in the Arkhangelsk region — one of the lowest in the last 20 years

The unemployment rate — 1.6 percent of the economically active population, which does not exceed the Russian parameters. 

Minister of Labour, Employment and Social development of the Arkhangelsk region Pavel Shevelev recalled that in 1996-1997, the number of unemployed in the region reached 54 thousand people. It was the peak of unemployment caused by the cessation of the work of many enterprises and organizations. The current unemployment rate in the area — one of the lowest in the last 20 years.

According to the Ministry of labor, employment and social development of the Arkhangelsk region, today's jobless 8,2 thousand northerners receive social benefits. Of these, the unemployment benefit is paid 8.1 thousand people.

Only in June this year, the employment service asked 5,163 people. Of those employed 4,538 people. Another 194 people have started to vocational training.

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