United States: with age the brain starts to perceive it differently




The mechanism of perception and speech processing by the brain with age undergoing significant changes. As the scientists from the Medical Center of the University of Cincinnati, if children and adolescents speech centers operate mainly in one hemisphere, the hemisphere with the age of the second part of "catching up" dominant.

In this paper, researchers examined 155 people by functional magnetic resonance imaging, which can detect the activity of different brain regions. Of these, 103 were aged 5-17, 52 aged 18-67 years. During the study, they were asked to perform exercises involving the use of language.

As the author of the study Stsaflarski Jerzy (Jerzy P. Szaflarski), were able to trace the dependence of use centers in the cortex of both cerebral hemispheres of age. Up to 25 years clearly shows the dominance of the centers in the right hemisphere (and all surveyed were right-handed), at an older age speech functions were distributed more evenly between the hemispheres.

"The increase in hemispheric dominance as the child grows is probably due to improved speech skills, maturation of the nervous system and reduce the synoptic connections; decrease in older age may reflect a compensation for age-related decrease of functionality," — said Dr. Stsaflarski.

The results of the study are presented in passing these days in San Francisco, the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology.

Battery News, 29.04.2004 16:13
Source: The News-Science

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