Universe — a computer game supercivilizations

December 1, 2012 4:31

Physicists began to doubt: is this world is real? And if he is not a matrix, as in the same film?

How did the universe? Who created it: nature or is it some kind of powerful being who was called by God? Whether the universe is infinite or does it have the edge? And in general — is that the universe is: a ball, a plane or some other geometric shape?
In search of answers to these questions is unsolvable until scientists hypothesize — one more fantastic than the other. The latest — about the fact that we live in a kind of virtual world — has become particularly popular.


The reality of our world are skeptical not only science fiction. Serious philosopher, winner of many prestigious awards, an Oxford University professor Nick Bostrom admitted in an interview that the movie "The Matrix" has made him feel that he is one month written a book called "We are living in a computer simulation?"

Scientists argue that a 25 percent our world now is a matrix — a computer simulation of reality. Philosopher had in mind a program that simulates the consciousness of one, several, or all people of all humanity
— A simulation has created a so-called posthuman civilization, consisting of the descendants of the people present, but internally and externally altered so that they and the people, it is difficult to name — explained Bostrom.
These super-being a scientist is considered a representative of "true humanity." And endowed with extraordinary abilities — such as computing, acquired as a result of fusion of the brain to supercomputers.

— So cyborg cost nothing to create a virtual world — claimed philosopher. He even suggested, why should they be needed. In order to study their own past.

— Our descendants faced with gaps in its history, and decided to fill the void by starting the game a lot of simulated people — you and me — keen to build its extraordinary theory Bostrom.
After the publication of the book Bostrom took almost ten years. It would seem that crazy imagination of the philosopher must be forgotten. So no. Conversely, physics took to prove that computer sverhsimulyatsiya possible. And our world is just a matrix.

Still from the film "The Matrix."
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OPEN to the Void

Experts in quantum physics and high energy physics Silas Bean, Zohreh Davoudi and Martin Savage of the University of Bonn (Germany) seriously — by physical methods — decided to find evidence that we and our visible universe is a kind of virtual model. Because artificial world should give us something different from the present!

— In order to evaluate the possibility of simulations, we used the laws of quantum chromodynamics, and adopted her calculations — Silas explained Bean. — It turned out that the rapid growth of the power and performance of computers will really stunning vistas. Already 140 years it will be possible to simulate a single cubic meter of any substance — any process in it. And after 410 years the model could have the entire universe.
Therefore, as we are assured of physics, descendants living in 2422, it could virtually create our present world, and specifically in 2012 from his beautiful far.
Its crazy conclusion they even found one yet, but a very convincing — in their view — the proof. In a virtual universe in the cosmic ray spectrum at certain energies should exhibit open. And it exists — in Mie, that people still felt real.
About strange cliff tells known in physics theory Grayzena — Zatsepin — Kuzmin. It is clear only to specialists. But for the gifted will explain what we are talking about high-energy particles that interact with the photons of the background microwave radiation, at some point for some reason lose energy. As if the end. And as if to break off …
— Strange coincidence guards, — says another author of Zohreh Davoudi. — It turns out that our universe has an edge. As if we are surrounded by the scenery. And that for them — is unclear.
By the way, if we recognize that we do live in a matrix and it is not an invention of bored scientists, we can easily explain all the anomalies that seem strange to us — from UFOs, poltergeists, ghosts and travels to the underworld to fads yadernog decay. All the supernatural — it glitches simulation.
And while scientists are disassembled, philosopher Bostrom gives useful advice to keep from going crazy: Continue to live the same way as before. As if our world is real.


Expert on quantum physics, Doctor of Science, Professor Vladimir State University Alexander Alodzhants:

"New theory — this is the next version of the modern smart phones"

— Alexander, what do you think about the conclusions of their colleagues?

— Quantum chromodynamics — quite narrow, rather a mathematical trend of modern physics. Recently, with the advent of super computers, in the fields of physics, as well as in the related modern cosmology and astrophysics, really had many computer models. In this respect, of the hypothesis of my colleagues — the only part of the total. Such models are, of course, provide food for philosophers, theologians, ordinary people. Remember, as with the launch of the Large Hadron Collider have frightened the absorption of the Earth "black hole." It turned out — it's not that scary. And in this case, the hypothesis of the existence of the matrix I would not attach much importance.

— What other models, scientists have come up with?

— Models of the emergence and development of the universe and the formation of elementary particles there are the same as the universe itself. Existence of God, every matrix — this is nothing more than the same model, but containing an element of faith. After all, faith in computing power of computers — is also a belief. In scientific models is not available, and as a rule, is replaced rigorous mathematical proof, logic, backed up by empirical data consistency.

One of the first scientific model of the 1920s — a model of Friedman, according to which the universe could collapse within itself, and the model of Baron Lemaitre (who, incidentally, was a priest), proving that the universe started with a big bang and ends with an infinite extension. Modern models — "boring", they have a lot of mathematics, and a bit of "common" sense. And, certainly, it is sure to come soon another model that would take into account in the equation of the amendment is of a higher order. It is — as the next version of modern smartphones.

— Why physicists spend time at this "nonsense"?

— There are scientists who are interested. They are small, and therefore society can not afford to let a small handful of researchers to meet their own curiosity by the state. Even more so in Europe. And, suddenly, something will find!

— Do you believe that someone created the universe?

— In fact, scientists in the world are trying to model, if you will, to create astrophysical phenomena and processes in the routine laboratory. And I am no exception.

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