Unknown beast perfume domestic animals in western Ukraine. Talking about Chupacabra

July 10, 2012 20:51

Ravished Chupacabra rabbits. Photo: mediacentr.info

Farm private sector margins Uzhgorod suffer from attacks of unknown animals. Predator kills rabbits, hens, chickens, turkeys …

As a resident of the neighborhood told reporters "Dravtsy" Olga Badida in the yard where an unknown animal killed 20 chickens and about fifty rabbits, animal destroys all living creatures, which he finds out. "In the morning, when she came outside to feed the chickens, got a shock: the yard strewn with carcasses of rabbits, chickens, chicks. Most of them were cut off the head, viscera released, "- she said.

According to Olga, the impression that the animal is killing all living creatures is not to eat, but simply destroys all living things, which can get up to.
"Not a chicken or rabbit predator ate — just strangled — continues O. Badida — Steel mesh cage and metal fence for him is not a barrier. Placed in more than a half-meter altitude animal cells threw metal bars, stretched wire, and where it does not work out, tore off the thick wooden planks. "

In desperation, and residents of the neighboring village Baraninki where there were already two such cases. According to local residents, they saw a strange beast the size of a dog that night in their backyards puttering about chicken coops and rabbit hutches hacked, and seeing people running away, in one case with ease, even jumping over half meter fence.

Anxious people have turned to the enforcers.
As reported in Uzhhorod Gorotdel AMIA, during inspection of the scene on the street Zhatkevicha in the neighborhood "Dravtsy" criminologists seized pieces of wool smoky-gray. Now the selected samples sent for examination. Laboratory studies will help determine what species belongs to a predator, say the police.

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