Unknown strain of influenza virus has infected the four children in the U.S.

VirusesIn the U.S., four children became infected with a previously unknown strain of influenza virus H3N2. Their lives are not in danger, but for a while the kids have to stay in hospital under constant medical supervision.

According Medportal.ru, referring to representatives of the American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Tom Skinner, a comment which has placed many American media, the last of the cases of influenza was reported in Indiana. Newly infected boy whose relatives in contact with pigs. The three affected children were found in Pennsylvania. They all attended the same fair, held from 13 to 20 August, which also had contact with these pets.

Do children infected with influenza was isolated a previously unknown strain of H3N2, which can be easily transmitted from person to person. He added that, in laboratory studies with a new kind of agent was discovered gene, which is characteristic for the virus H1N1, which caused a pandemic in 2009-2010.

It should also be noted that, according to official information, two of the four affected children in September 2010 were vaccinated against influenza H1N1, which proved ineffective to protect against a new strain of the pathogen.

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