«Unmanned» breakthrough

Belarusian «defense» is intensively developing direction of UAVs, UAV offering a wide profile for the needs of both security and civilian agencies. And if hitherto drones in the country were MMA product, starting this year, enterprise developers are ready to start their mass production.
One of the more promising «unmanned» projects — UAV «Grif-1», the creation of which will begin this year on a 558-m aircraft repair plant in Baranovichi. Apparatus «Grif-1» is designed for tactical and operational objectives. The composition of its payload includes different types of opto-electronic and electronic equipment capable of maintaining photo and video, as radio and radar reconnaissance.

Design features a UAV «Grif-1» allow rapidly changing complex avionics. As required in the payload can be included laser rangefinder, pointer, repeater and other devices exploration and discovery. In developing UAV used modern composite materials. Machine control can be carried out remotely from the ground or from the data for earlier pledged to board flight and navigation system. UAV «Grif-1» is able to fly day and NIGHT MODE, in all weather criteria.
And it is not only «breakthrough» projects Belarusian defense industry. Note that in the framework developed in the republic state programs from the creation of unmanned aircraft systems airborne reconnaissance, surveillance and monitoring implemented about 30 different development activities. They all performed on two fronts. One of them is aimed at creating functional unmanned aerial vehicles, components and technologies. Other anticipates the creation within the military-industrial complex complexes with drones.
For example, the Design Bureau «CB» indels «developed mechanized promising UAV helicopter type INDELA-IN.SKY. Complex UAV INDELA-IN.SKY, including three handsets also provide ground facilities, designed to produce various kinds of disk imaging in real time at distances up to 60 km. With a total weight of 86 kg unit can fly at a speed of 70 km / h for 5 hours. Drone carried out in accordance with the single-rotor screw manage and allows to set different load motivated to solve a huge range of tasks in the interests of aviation and ground forces.
Not the least enthusiasm for potential customers can submit joint projects, such as, for example, unmanned boat Russian-Belarusian develop the role of the Chinese colleagues. At the end of last year experienced the first multi-standard maritime unmanned complex was demonstrated on the reservoir near Minsk. The boat is designed and built by Russian company «Composite Shipbuilding» (St. Petersburg). Belarusian company «KVAND IP» developed software that made automatic control system and integrate it into an unmanned ship.

This unique floating car length of 6.3 meters and a width of 1.8 m, the body of which is made of composite materials, unsinkable. All the voids in the housing filled with polyurethane foam that will not let him go to the bottom. With a payload of 340 kg range acts unmanned boat is 360 km, the duration of the campaign — 5 days. And his greatest speed is 55 knots — about 100 km / h For communication with the control Fri used satellite channels and radio frequencies. Navigation is done using GPS and GLONASS systems. As required, the boat can «memory» without the help of others to return to base.
Note that in Belarus also made the necessary conditions for learning and training of qualified personnel in the field of UAV. Now the aviation department of the Military Academy has opened a specialty «Unmanned aircraft systems» that teach future unmanned systems operators. Military faculty at the Department of the Minsk Municipal Higher Aviation Institute study of spices that are also able to fill the ranks of engineers and technical staff.

Practical training for professionals and joint development of promising samples UAVs as part of the Belarusian Defense Ministry created special center for training and implementation of unmanned aircraft systems. Here experts at various law enforcement agencies and departments of the country are undergoing a real implementation of modern drones.

Oleg Gorupay

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