Unprecedented heat in Argentina



28.12.10.Natsionalnaya Meteorological Service of Argentina announced on Monday 27 December in the capital of Buenos Aires and the surrounding province of the highest — red — the level of danger due to the unprecedented heat (in the southern hemisphere's summer).

The extremely high temperature is in the city and surrounding area for several days, but it was on Monday the temperature rose above the level of 36 degrees in the shade.

Billed red level means that exposure to this heat seriously threatens the lives not only of children, seniors and those who suffer from any chronic illness at risk, but also completely healthy people.

On Monday, the Argentine was also registered a record consumption of electricity.

"Reported peak electricity consumption — 20.2 megawatts. If the situation does not change, we may have to go on forced measures to temporarily disable them. I encourage people to show a sense of responsibility and rational use of air conditioners, fans and refrigerators, "- said the Federal Minister of the overall planning Julio de Vido.

The streets of the capital of Argentina at noon look deserted — the locals prefer not to leave the house. Particularly bold sunbathe in city parks and squares. Physicians regularly refer to the population to not abuse alcohol and spend more time in a cool place. Forecasters say that the heatwave will last at least until the new year.

In Argentina, the summer has officially arrived on December 21 in 20.38 local time (01.38 Kiev December 22).

Recall September 27 in Los Angeles set a new temperature record.

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