Unusual natural phenomenon in the Crimea. Photo


In Crimea, Chernopole Greek holiday sun marked "circular rainbow". Photo: Mark Agatov

6.06.11.Posmotrev in the sun you will never see a rainbow, but here in the Crimea Crimean paparazzi managed to capture a rainbow around the sun. But to start with some clever ideas of the rainbow from Wikipedia.

Rainbow — atmospheric optical and meteorological phenomenon that is usually observed in the high humidity. It looks like a multicolored arc or circle, composed of the colors of the spectrum (looking from the outside — inside the arc of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. These seven colors — basic color names that are usually distinguished in the rainbow in Russian culture but keep in mind that in fact the spectrum is continuous, and the colors in the rainbow, these into each other with a smooth change through many shades in between.

Center of the circle described by the rainbow, lies on a line passing through the observer and the sun, though the sun for an observer is always behind him, and at the same time to see the sun and a rainbow without the use of mirrors can not. To an observer on the ground is usually seen as a rainbow arc, part of a circle, and the higher the point of view of the observer — the rainbow better (from the mountain or the aircraft can be seen in a full circle). When the sun rises above 43 degrees above the horizon, the rainbow from the Earth's surface is not visible.

But, in the Crimea worth looking at the sun, as the sight of a circle appeared — a rainbow around the sun. In one version of rainbow around the sun, not the creators water droplets (as usual rainbow), and ice crystals.

Halo refers to the atmospheric optical phenomena, as well as rainbow and the aurora borealis. The nature of this phenomenon — the dispersion of light in ice crystals. In contrast to water droplets (which differ only in size) ice crystals come in many forms and can fly in the air in different ways: hover, rotate, slowly drop, etc. Therefore rainbow always raspogagaetsya in one place in the sky (the sun should be back to see her), and the halo are of various kinds (about a hundred).
Photo: Mark Agatov.
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