Unusual phenomenon of Volgograd


1.03.11.Zhiteli Volgograd last night could see in the sky an unusual picture — vertical stripes of reddish-gray color is clearly manifested, it becomes paler. According to witnesses living in the Kirov district of the city, the glow in the sky, they observed around midnight on 28 February.

"The bars were parallel to each other, in the western sky there were three or four different lengths, in the south more — about 7-10 — says witness an unusual Anna Vershinin. — They were like the pillars of the dim light, which is manifested in the sky, the pale, and five minutes later disappeared. Then some more time out of the window you can see the cluster of the same bands, but more white than red, in the south side of the sky. "

"I went out to smoke on the street at night, and I thought that it was either the northern lights, or UFOs — says another witness, Maxim Eremenko. — The light was like a searchlight beams, but the bands were broad, not very clear and did not reach the horizon, and as it hung in the sky. It reminded me of a scene from "War of the Worlds" when the Earth would capture the aliens. "

Some witnesses claim that the same lights that were visible in the sky and a few days ago.

As reported in the Volgograd Planetarium, today received a few calls, mostly from residents of the southern districts. People described what he saw about the same.

According to the planetarium lecturer Olga Kolesnikova, reports from the callers, we can assume that in the sky above Volgograd observed rare for our latitude astronomical phenomenon — the aurora.

"Official confirmation of this we have not yet, but if the calls from witnesses and will come on, and experts will be able to observe this phenomenon, even then it will be possible to establish a clear", — said Olga Kolesnikova.

She also added that the polarity, or, as it is called, "Northern Lights", a rather rare in our latitudes, has been observed in Volgograd — such facts occurred in 1957 and 1958.

"It may well be explained by the increase in solar activity, which is observed today. After all, the solar wind fills its upper atmosphere by charged particles, as a result we can see the glow, which is called the aurora "- explained Olga Kolesnikova.

By the way, scientists know the facts, when the northern lights appear in the sky, not only in the Arctic, and in Moscow, the Moscow region, the Crimea and some European countries.

Catherine Shcheglova

True Volgograd

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