USA: Atlantis need to look at the coast of Cyprus




A new expedition to find Atlantis launched from the coast of Cyprus. American Robert Sarmast 10 years intensely researched various facts and finally determined the exact location of the lost island. According to him, Atlantis is on the bottom of the sea between Syria and Cyprus, at a depth of over a mile away, writes The Guardian.

The researcher claims to have found 48 of the 50 geographical references, as described by Plato.

By August Sarmast hopes to produce evidence that Antantida — not a figment of the imagination, but really existed empire with stone temples, bridges, canals and roads. Sarmast who is interested in the search for Atlantis since childhood, is also based on the results of a study of Soviet and Israeli scientists, who found in 1989 in the area of Cyprus, descended into the water of the earth.

"Mediterranean — one of the most geologically active regions of the world, and once it has experienced a" great flood ", as described by Plato," — emphasizes the researcher. Archaeologists believe this expedition nothing more than another amateur attempt.

The search for the mysterious Atlantis, described by Plato, gone to the bottom of the sea about 9600 BC, has a rich tradition. Her "found" in the Azores, Crete, Santorini, and in the Antarctic.

Battery News, 04.05.2004 11:08
Source: MIGnews

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